QR Code Counseling RequestThe Counseling Department (also known as the Counseling Center) at Chicago State University (CSU), is a service department within the Division of Student Affairs. We are here to help you be a successful member of the CSU community both within and outside of the classroom. Staffed by tenured and tenure track, licensed and supervised certified mental health professionals as well as master's level interns, the Counseling Department offers individual counseling, crisis counseling, group counseling, couples counseling, academic counseling and career counseling services as well as workshops and consultation. Through our services, we strive to help you grow and develop the skills that will help foster your academic and psychosocial success at CSU and beyond.

Our staff will work collaboratively with you to identify steps that you can take to address any personal, interpersonal, career, and academic concerns you may have. The help available to you through the Counseling Department may be a good fit for you or there may be other more appropriate resources either on CSU’s campus or in the larger community—our staff will work with you to assess what is most suitable for you.

Sometimes students are concerned about seeking assistance at the Counseling Center, feeling it is a sign of weakness that indicates an inability to manage concerns on their own. Also, they may fear being stigmatized. Keep in mind that part of the college experience is expanding strategies and ways to manage the stress routinely encountered as a student and as an individual meeting the standard challenges of life. Our staff is trained to support you and assist you in learning to manage these challenges in more productive ways. The university has a counseling center because of its commitment to foster the development of the whole person. We hope you will take the opportunity to access these services.

All counseling services are confidential with the exceptions identified in state laws and the American Psychological Association code of ethics. Services are free and are not part of your academic record. We hope you will utilize our services to provide you support in addressing any concerns you have and that you will find it a rewarding growth experience. Please have a look at our website and feel free to stop by in person at CRSU 190 or contact us at (773) 995-2383, if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment.


Your university experience can be an exciting time. It is an opportunity to make academic decisions, meet new friends, and explore career options. As a college student, you may encounter a great number of stressful situations or experiences involving your academics, family, relationships or social life.

The Counseling Center is available to help you understand and cope with issues such as:

  • academic performance
  • stress management
  • anger management
  • motivation
  • self-esteem
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship concerns
  • trauma
  • loss and adjustment to life changes

We do this by offering a number of different types of counseling experiences that are provided by counselors with different approaches to therapy, who are trained to work with university students.

Free Group Counseling is offered for all registered CSU students:

Why Join a Group?

  • Enrollment is easy and can be made directly through the Counseling Center.
  • Most groups meet weekly for ninety minutes.
  • Often more effective than working by yourself in one-to-one counseling, especially for the types of concerns university students face
  • You can practice new skills in the safety of the group before trying them out in the world
  • Can learn more about how you interact in social situations
  • You can discuss issues with your peers who may better understand what you are going through
  • You may discover that you are not alone in how you feel and you will benefit from a process of enhanced acceptance
  • You can gain multiple perspectives on your concerns from different group members
  • You may become more aware of yourself through genuine feedback from others
  • You can pick up new interpersonal skills that you can use in your daily life
  • Not only will group help you, you will have the chance to help others

For many types of problems, group therapy is the treatment of choice. Groups provide the opportunity to observe others solving their problems. Groups are also helpful in building trust, self-acceptance, intimacy, communication skills, and empathy.

If you are interested in joining one of our current groups, please call ((773) 995-2383) or stop by the Counseling Center located at CRSU 190.

The Counseling Center is available to the entire campus community for consultation and educational activities regarding student concerns in support of wellness.

Counseling Center counselors will come to your university class and department, orientation group, and student organization and give a talk on various topics.

The Counseling Center sponsors various mental health screenings including depression, stress, anxiety, and drug/alcohol abuse. We also participate in parent orientation, freshman orientation, faculty orientation, resident assistant training, and Welcome Week. 

The Counseling Center values working collaboratively throughout our campus and has established numerous liaison relationships where we communicate and work closely with various colleges, departments and student organizations.

If you would like to engage the Counseling Center in any of these types of outreach services, please contact us at (773) 995-2383.

Safe Zone

The SafeZone Project was created to address the concerns of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community at Chicago State University and the surrounding community. It is a way to reach out to these students and welcome them in all areas of the CSU community. Safe Zones are areas on and around campus where faculty, staff and students provide support, information, and work toward the elimination of myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes.

Safe Zone Mission Statement

By participating in the Safe Zone Project, one pledges that his/her Safe Zone is a place where lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer individuals can:

  • feel comfortable and safe in a confidential environment.
  • express any issues and concerns in an atmosphere of acceptance and support.
  • access informational and educational resources including: organizations, phone numbers, web sites, and books.

For any questions or additional information, please email

Mental Health Resources 

Ulifeline  is an anonymous online resource for college mental health.  Look for fact sheets which run the gamut from such topics as “52 Proven Stress Reducers” and “How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep” to “Suicide and Depression” and “Schizophrenia: What You Need to Know.”

Online Mental Health Screening: 

Mindwise  Online Mental Health Screening program is designed for students to provide free, anonymous screenings for depression, anxiety problems, eating disorders, and alcohol problems.  These screening tools can help you decide if meeting with a therapist might be helpful. 

The Counseling Center provides ongoing psychoeducational activities/workshops on various topics regarding student concerns in support of wellness such as:

  • stress management
  • time management
  • test anxiety
  • depression
  • grief and loss
  • anger management
  • self-esteem
  • assertiveness
  • conflict resolution

These workshops change frequently. Please look at the events calendar on the DOSA page for the most current offerings or call our office ((773) 995-2383).