Chicago State University

Prospective Trainees

Welcome!  Chicago State University Counseling Center is not only a mental health service delivery agency but is also one of training.  Education is central to the mission of our Center.  To this end, we are committed to not only facilitating our CSU students’ educational experiences and well-beings, but extend this commitment to emerging and practicing professionals in Clinical Counseling and Social Work.  For information about our Master’s level practicum and internship training, a please contact the Counseling Center.

Practicum in Counseling

The Program

The Counseling Center services as a practicum site for Master’s level trainees during the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year. The Center provides training in a wide variety of functions performed by University counseling psychologists including: personal-social counseling, individual, couples, and group counseling, outreach, consultation, career counseling, and academic counseling. 

Each practicum trainees receives a minimum one hour of individual supervision each week. In addition, trainees receive 1.5 hour group supervision, and one hour case conference and didactic seminar with the clinical team. Trainees have the opportunity to have interaction with and to be mentored or supervised by other professionals in activities such as teaching, supervising externs, and research activities. While specific supervision techniques may vary, supervision typically occurs in three ways: 1) direct one-to-one supervision of individual and group counseling and psychotherapy; 2) group supervision; and 3) secondary specialty supervision which may involve co-delivering services in areas such as career development, consultation, research activities or psycho-educational programming. Trainees receive supervision in all professional areas and represent our commitment to the clinical and professional development aspects of the training program. Moreover, exposure to a variety of supervisors and mentors provides rich opportunities for professional role modeling.

Qualification of Candidates

  • Enrollment in a Social Work, Clinical Psychology or Counseling graduate program.
  • Completion of required coursework for eligibility for practicum placement.

Applications must include:

  1. An application form obtainable from the Counseling Center.
  2. An essay on the mission of an urban university counseling center.
  3. Letters of recommendation from two members of the faculty or administration who have direct knowledge of your academic performance, organization skills and personal attributes.

Applications must be complete to be considered.

Subsequent to the receipt and review of applications, several finalists will be invited to an interview conducted by the Counseling Center Director and/or a selection committee.


Applications and Deadlines

Applications must be received by July 15 for Fall Semester placement and by October 15 for Spring semester placement.

Submit Application Materials To: