Chicago State University

What to Bring for First Time Residents

Following is a list of items many students may wish to bring with them to the hall. Such items are recommended by Housing & Residence Life to enhance your stay:

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Bed and Bath Linens - (Beds are long Twin=>38" x 80")
  • Pillow and blanket
  • Personal grooming items
  • Clothes hangers
  • Desk lamp
  • Small floor or window fan
  • Alarm clock
  • TV and/or Radio - (Cable TV access is supplied with each room)
  • Shower Caddy
  • Laundry Bag
  • Decorations
  • Shower shoes/sandals
  • A limited number of 7-foot beds are available for extra-tall residents
  • Cable cord - (if desired) (Cable cords will not be supplied to students during the 2015–-2016 academic school year)
  • Cable Splinter - (if desired) (Cable Splinter will not be supplied to students during the 2015-2016 academic school year)
  • Computer - (if desired)
  • Printer - (if desired)

What Not to Bring

The following is a list of items that are prohibited in the residence hall. You should not bring any of these items with you on campus.

  • Cooking appliances - (toaster ovens, rice cooker, hot plates, griddles, grills)
  • Candles and incense
  • Oil lamps
  • Open-coiled heating units or hot plates
  • Any type of flame making devices
  • Darts
  • Weapons (of any type)
  • Waterbeds
  • Pets (except fish within a 5 gallon tank)
  • Multi-outlet plugs
  • Ceiling fans
  • Air condition window units
  • Space heaters

Early Arrival Policy & Interim Housing

Early Arrivals are not permitted. No exceptions will be made to this policy. The University does not offer interim housing during the break. The breaks consist of Spring Break, End-of-semester breaks, Thanksgiving and the December Holiday Break. The interim break fee is $30.00 per day, plus the cost of meals.

Fall 2015 students participating in Orientation on August 10 will be permitted to move in early. The request must be submitted to housing by August 1. All Orientation participates looking to move in early must have a completed housing application on file at time of request.

What to Expect Move-in Day!!

Arriving at Chicago State University:

  • Complimentary parking for Residence Hall families
  • Please review the campus map to determine the best location to park for move in. Handicap and fire lane parking fines will be enforced!

Checking in:

  • ALL resident students must obtain their CSU ID card before checking into rooms.
  • Checking in will consist of:Before moving into your space, please be sure to look over your room and verify the current condition. Note any inaccuracies on the room condition report form and turn it back into the check out area. (This form determines damage charges upon check out)
    • Completing an Emergency contact card
    • Activating your room key to your CSU card
    • Obtaining your room condition report
    • Signing your 9 month Housing contract

Mailing Address

To ensure that your mail reaches you and is delivered timely, please have your mail addressed as follows:

Your Name

Chicago State University

PO Box 286230

Room Number ___

Chicago, Illinois 60628-1598

Package delivery by United Parcel Service (UPS), FedEx and other package delivery services should be addressed to:

Your Name

Chicago State University

9501 South King Drive

Residence Hall Room ____

Chicago, Illinois 60628-1598

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the Housing & Residence Life Office. The main office, telephone number is (773) 995-4543.