Student Activities (SA) at Chicago State University dates as far back as the founding of the school in 1867 (when it was named Cook County Normal School). During this time Student Council coordinated all student activities, student handbooks and student organizations. The actual Office of Student Activities was created around 1967 when the institution was revamped and renamed Chicago State College. Throughout the 1960s, Chicago State not only became Chicago State University, but it expanded its Office of Student Activities to foster the growing need for educational, cultural, social and recreational programming for students. At the old location on 68th and Stewart, SA housed TEMPO Newspaper, Clubs and Organizations, Honors Societies, Photography, Yearbook, and hosted Homecoming, and Service Projects. Today, the Office of Student Activities is located in the Cordell Reed Student Union Suite 260 and is the home of over 60 clubs and organizations including Student Government Association and Fraternity/ Sorority Life, and Royal Court. SA also hosts robust programming, which includes but is not limited to: “We Live It Series,” “Welcome Week,” “Homecoming,” “Thanksgiving Throwdown Step Show”, “Black History Month,” "Latino Heritge Month", “Women’s History Month, and ”CSU Women Rock.” SA has a computer lab, study area and lounge where students and staff are able to eat and socialize, as well as a Movie Room and Game Room. Student Activities offers a friendly atmosphere where students can come and relax and have their needs and concerns addressed.