Academic Support

Freshman First-Year

All students within First Year Program are assigned to academic advisors who monitor their progress, help them prepare for the future and serve as a campus resource.  Freshman advising is the initial building block of establishing a solid foundation at the university.  The advising experience begins in Cougar Start U Orientation.  You will meet with a freshman advisor to select your mandatory block schedule and begin the initial review the degree requirements of your chosen major.  You and your advisor will work closely with one another throughout the academic year developing your graduation plan which will aid in the identification of your career and life goals.  For those who might not know what they want to do yet, do not worry.  We have you covered.  You will work with an advising specialist who will help guide you as you find the perfect major. 

Mandatory Advising

All students have mandatory advising required before they will be cleared to register for the upcoming semester. You are required to meet your advisor five (5) times each semester.  That may seem like a lot, but it is not nearly enough.  Your advisor is your best resource and advocate who will help you through both academic challenges and outside issues that may impact your academic performance.  You should have your first meeting early in the semester within the first two weeks of the beginning of term.  Subsequent appointments should happen around academic warning periods.  You are encouraged to meet with your advisor as much as you choose.  To schedule an appointment, simply contact your advisor or call the First Year Experience main office. 

Before your first advising appointment, please review the Advising Agreement and Advising Checklist.  

Advising Agreement (pdf)

Advising Checklist (pdf)

Sophomore Second-Year Advising 

Sophomore advising supports sophomores (30-59 credit hours) as they further their degree completion and broaden their intellectual goals. Sophomore advising builds upon the first-year advising model which includes review of degree requirements, modification of graduation plans, and emphasis on increased use of campus resources. During this pivotal year, students are encouraged to finalize their major selection. Students will clarify career and life goals as they work closely with their academic advisor to ensure they have all information and tools needed to make such an important decision.

Students will meet regularly with their academic advisor. Students should expect two to three meetings per term.

Appointment Types:

  1. Graduation Plan Appointment: During this meeting, students will review their graduation plan with their academic advisor to determine if they are matriculating effectively. Students should be prepared to ask questions about major curriculum, courses, and time to degree completion.
  2. Pre-Registration Appointment: During this appointment, advisor and student will discuss courses to be taken the subsequent term. This meeting takes place prior to the enrollment period. This is an extremely important appointment in that it will help students better plan for the upcoming term and alleviate stress surrounding registration.
  3. Registration Appointment: Students will meet with advisor to get registration pin and finalize class selection based on the class schedule. This appointment is made easier if students have already met with their advisor to create a plan.
  4. Academic Plan Appointment: Students who need to get back on track should meet with their academic advisor to develop a plan to help them do so.
  5. Academic Warnings Appointment: Students should meet with advisors during the warning period in order to discuss any issues they may have and to get assistance.