CTA Ventra U-Pass

CTA Ventra U-Pass fee of $170 is automatically billed to students who register for 12 hours or more.

To activate your Ventra U-Pass, call 877-450-5328

  • Ventra Customer Service website is www.transitchicago.com/upass, 877-NOW-VENT/866-669-8368
  • Your Ventra U-Pass provides unlimited rides on the CTA during your enrollment as a full-time student
  • You no longer need to obtain a new Ventra U-Pass every semester
  • As long as you’re enrolled full-time in school, your Ventra U-Pass privileges will be loaded onto your card automatically prior to the start of the term

IMPORTANT: Things to know about your Ventra U-Pass:

  • Your Ventra U-Pass reamins active as long as you are enrolled at CSU. Make sure you do not lose it!
  • Fee to replace your Ventra U-Pass is $50. If you lose your card more than once, Ventra may revoke your Ventra U-Pass privileges. Again, hold onto that card!
  • When using make sure your card is separate from all other debit, credit, or bank cards. The new card readers allow for the use of smart cards, that can read and pull money from any smart card. It is important that the reader is only reading your Ventra U-Pass.

Important VENTRA U-Pass Dates:

Activation Date Deactivation Date  Last day to order Ventra U-Pass from CTA
See Cashier Office For details


How do I obtain my Ventra U-Pass?

Please visit the Campus Card Office located @ the Cashier Office ADM 211 for all Ventra U-Pass services.

You must have a valid Campus Card (Student ID) to order or pick up your Ventra U-Pass and be:

  • Undergraduate student in any college enrolled in 12 or more credit hours
  • Graduate student enrolled in 9 or more credit hours
  • Pharmacy student enrolled in 6 or more credit hours
  • First time Freshmen Students registered full-time should attend one of the Ventra U-Pass distribution dates at the start of the semester to obtain a Ventra U-Pass. Students who registered for full time after the U-Pass distribution dates should visit the Cashier /Campus Card Office to request a Ventra U-Pass.
  • Continuing Students who already received a Ventra U-Pass during the prior school year and who registered full time for the spring semester will have their Ventra U-Pass benefit re-activated and ready for use on January 11, 2016. If it isn’t working contact the Cashier Office to confirm your full time status and your card activation. Allow a minimum of 7 business days for your card to be activated.
  • Continuing Students who have enrolled full time for the first time for the spring semester and are now eligible for a Ventra U-Pass must contact the Cashier /Campus Card Office to confirm the status of your Ventra card order. New card orders require a minimum 7 business days for delivery.
  • Transfer Students who received a Ventra U-Pass at their previous school do not need a new Ventra U-Pass. Please bring your Ventra card to the distribution site on one of the designated dates to have your Ventra U-Pass activated at Chicago State University. Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for this change to your Ventra card profile to be completed.
  • If you drop below full-time enrollment during the semester or completely withdraw from classes during the semester, you are not eligible for the Ventra U-Pass, per the agreement between Chicago State University and the CTA. Please be sure you are prepared to cover your public transportation costs or make other transportation arrangements if you drop below full-time enrollment.

New students will need to order a Ventra U-Pass at one of the distribution locations and times referenced above. Ventra U-Pass orders submitted during the distribution dates will not be available for same day pick up and require a minimum of 7 business days for delivery to the Campus Card Office. Temporary passes will be provided to students when their Ventra U-Pass order is confirmed in person. This may take approximately 30-40 minutes depending on the volume. Please plan ahead.

Using your Ventra U-Pass:

Before using your Ventra U-Pass you need to activate your card. To activate your Ventra U-Pass you can call 1-877-450-5328. The automated response system will ask for your name, oasis ID number and the Ventra Card number located on the back of the card.

You can start using your Ventra U-Pass Fall 2016, Ventra U-Pass expires five days after the end of the semester.

In the event that your Ventra U-Pass is lost, stolen, or defective, follow the Ventra U-Pass replacement instructions below to request a replacement card.

Students who used their Ventra U-Pass after the U-Pass fare was deactivated at the end of the fall semester, but did not add funds to the Transit Account on the card, may have a negative balance on their card. If you have a negative balance on your Ventra Card, your U-Pass fare will not be activated until the negative balance is resolved with Ventra.

To check your card balance, click this link: https://www.ventrachicago.com/balance/

Ventra Customer Service website is www.transitchicago.com/upass, 877-NOW-VENTRA/866-669-8368

Lost or Stolen Ventra U-Pass:

  1. Call 1-877-NOW-VENTRA (1-877-669-8368) or login athttps://www.ventrachicago.com/account/login to report your card as lost or stolen. Ventra will deactivate your card which will reduce the risk of a negative balance being created on your card by another person.
  2. Visit the Cashier Office to request a new card
  3. A nonrefundable $55 fee must be paid to receive a replacement Ventra U-Pass.
  1. Submitting a payment does not automatically initiate a new card order.
  2. Allow a minimum of 7 business days for delivery.

Defective Ventra U-Pass:

If your Ventra U-Pass card is not working:

  1. Call the Ventra U-Pass activation phone number at 877-450-5328, press 0 to skip the automated message and speak to a Ventra agent. Ask the agent to confirm whether your Ventra Card has been activated. The Ventra agent will require your 16 digit Ventra Card number located on the back of the card, your name and CSU ID. If your card has not been activated, the Ventra agent will activate it and you may use it immediately.
  2. If you card does not work after it has been activated, bring the card to the Cashier Ventra Customer Service Office, Cook ADM 211, and Hours: Monday – Friday 10AM to 5:00PM.
  3. Ventra will determine whether the card is defective on site. You must bring the Defective Card to the Cashier Office to request a new Ventra U-Pass card. There is $5.00 fee for printing a new cad.
  4. Allow a minimum 7 business days for delivery.

Confiscated Cards:

CTA monitors the use of Ventra cards issued under various benefit/discount programs to protect against fraud and to ensure compliance with its Special Fare Programs, including the U-Pass program. CTA will confiscate your U-Pass card issued by CSU if the person who presented the U-Pass card to enter the paid area of the CTA does not match the photo on the card. This is a violation of the terms of the U-Pass Program.

CTA will notify the student of his or her suspension period.

Section IV (G) The U-Pass, as well as any other fare media provided under the U-Pass Program, is not transferable and shall be confiscated by CTA for a full calendar year and its holder subject to criminal prosecution if it is misused or presented for transportation by any person other than the person to whom it is issued.

Section VI (I) The School is responsible for enforcing CTA’s rules regarding re-entry into the U-Pass Program for any student who’s U-Pass is confiscated due to improper use.

Add full fare passes and transit value to your Ventra U-Pass:

  • Use on the CTA when school is not in session or when you do not qualify as a full-time student
  • Use on Pace year-round
  • Your Ventra U-Pass is good for five years, and your transit account will stay active when you’re not in school

Ventra U-Pass Waiver Exceptions:

  • Present RTA ID card with number
  • All class are on-line, extension and /or distance learning classes
  • 62 years or older
  • You must complete an UPAS exception form at the Cashier Office (ADM 211) each semester

Questions and Concerns

Please contact the Director of Cashiering Operations, Bobbie Stewart