Third Party Information

What is Third Party Billing?

When a private, government, or scholarship granting agency pays any portion of your tuition & fees, they are considered a Third Party Sponsor. The sponsor is billed by the University and payment is forwarded directly to Chicago State University, by the sponsor. This process is considered “Third Party Billing.”

What is required to participate in Third Party Billing?

There are two (2) documents required for each enrollment period to be covered by third party billing:

  1. A completed Chicago State University Third Party Billing Agreement which is required prior to each semester.
  2. An official billing request/voucher/billing authorization document from your third party sponsor is required for every semester that the third party sponsor is willing to pay.

How does the Third Party Billing work?

Once all student charges are final (meaning the student can no longer drop a course and receive a “W” grade), Chicago State University bills each third party sponsor based on the guidelines provided by that agency or company. We list tuition, fees, books and parking (when applicable) on invoices sent. We may also report any Federal PELL Grant and/or Illinois MAP Grant awards received, if required by your third party sponsor.

Please be advised that Chicago State University’s Office of the Bursar cannot guarantee that the payment made by your third party sponsor will be equal to the invoiced amount. Please refer to your third party sponsor for sponsorship eligibility and requirement details.

Refer to Third-Party Billing Q&A’s for frequently asked questions about the third party billing process at Chicago State University