Verified Payment Source Guidelines 

Purpose of Verified Payment Source: To plan and confirm how you will pay for tuition and fees for the semester. Verified payment Source for tuition and fees must be selected through the Registration & Financial Responsibility Agreement page in Cougar Connect when registering for courses. If the payment source that was selected is not in place prior to the drop for non-payment deadline, you will be dropped from your courses. 

Fall 2021 Drop for Non-Payment Date: Monday, August 2nd (Your verified payment source must be in place on your account by Friday,  July 30th to not be dropped from your courses)

Why Verifying how you will pay for tuition and fees is important?

  1. Having a financial plan
  2. How to not have a remaining balance before the next term registration opens.
  3. Exploring payment options
  4. Being prepared
  5. Understanding your financial responsibility
  6. To no be dropped from your courses

Verified Payment Source is considered to be any of the following?

Note: If you selected payment in full payment plan, or "I don't know", and do not pay or enroll in a plan, you will be required to make a down payment. Part-time students will need to pay $500, and full time students will need to pay $1000. 

  • Payment in Full 
  • Payment Plan
  • Financial Aid
  • CSU Scholarship(s)
  • Private Scholarship payment
  • Veterans Using Ch 33 or 31
  • Employer/Third Party/Sponsor Payment

Financial Aid

  1. Financial aid awarded and accepted by the tuition due date.
  2. If selected for verification, ensure that all missing requirements are complete.


  1. Chicago State and/or Chicago State Foundation scholarships be awarded.
  2. Private scholarship payments must be applied by the tuition due date.  A letter can be sent to the Bursar and Cashier office confirming that you were awarded an outside scholarship including the amount.

Veterans Using CH 33 or 31

With the submission of a Veterans Enrollment Certification Request (VECR) prior to registering for classes, classes will be held and the funds received from the Department of Veteran Affairs

(VA) will be credited to the student's account. The college will not impose a penalty, or require the beneficiary to

borrow additional funds to students responsible for paying any balance remaining after benefits have been credited, should benefit eligibility not be covered at 100% level.

Employer / Third Party/Sponsor Payment

If a student’s employer or a third party is paying for your classes and should be billed directly, a letter from the company or organization is required by the tuition due date to hold your classes. The letter must be on company letterhead and include contact name, company address, and classes covered for the student.                              

Payment in Full

Pay your term balance in full by the tuition due date. Payment can be made through Cougar Connect-My Info tab-

Payment Plan Enrollment

Chicago State University offers an interest-free monthly payment plan to distribute your education expenses over time instead of one large payment. There is a $50 enrollment fee and automatic payments are required.

Payment Plan Options For Fall 2021:

5 monthly payments from July 15th  to November 15th(enroll 04/19-07/15)

4 monthly payments from August 15th to November 15th (enroll 04/19-08/15)

3 monthly payments from September 15th to November 10th (enroll 08/15-09/15)

2 monthly payments from October 15th to November 15th (Enroll 09/15-10/15)