Chicago State University

Vendor Information Form

  • Document required for vendor information to be added or updated on CSU Buy. It is to be completely filled out and signed by the vendor, and MUST include a phone and fax number for purchasing to process. (ANY changes to an existing vendor's information require a completed Vendor Information Form. The vendor's signature is required to authorize change of information.)

Financial Disclosures Form

Financial Disclosure Annual Recert. Form

  • Required from vendors the university does business with where the total dollar amount spent with the vendor exceeds $25,000 within a fiscal year. A Financial Disclosure Form is required every fiscal year the total dollar amount spent exceeds $25,000.

Unauthorized Purchase Form

  • Document required when goods or services have been rendered prior to a purchase order being created. The form must be filled out by the department, signed by the appropriate parties, and attached to the requisition in question.

CSU Buy Access Form

  • Document required to gain access to CSU Buy as an approver or requestor. This document is to be filled out and submitted after completion of the CSU Buy training class.

Furniture Purchase Form

  • Legislative mandate 30ILCS 605/7a; 44Ill.adm Code 1.2043cl (Finance/Property Control Act) for the purchase of new furniture over $500.

Soy Bean Ink Statement

  • Document required if the vendor is doing any outside printing on items being purchased. Not limited to paper products.

Contract Annual Re-certification Form

  • Form required for multi year contracts. Vendor must certify each year after the initial fiscal year whether it continues to satisfy certifications and other requirements of the contract.

These forms are frequently used in Purchasing