Chicago State University
The Organization

The Purchasing Department is comprised of two units: Purchasing, and Central Stores/ Receiving. Each unit works together to ensure goods and services are procured, rendered, and distributed correctly.

Responsibility and Function

Purchasing Responsibility

To obtain commodities, equipment, and services to support the educational mission of the University. To follow sound business methods consistent with the Higher Education Procurement Rules, the Illinois Procurement Code, and other applicable state and federal regulations.

Purchasing Function

The purchasing function consists of business processes related to the acquisition of goods and services for the University. Purchases of equipment, materials, commodities, supplies, and services for the University are made competitively where practicable. Performance, quality, suitability, delivery, and services are factors considered in buying. All purchases are made according to the provisions of the Illinois Procurement Code and the Procurement Rules of the Chief Procurement Officer for Public Institutions of Higher Education and other applicable state and federal regulations.

Central Stores/ Receiving Responsibility

To meet the supply needs of the University colleges and departments. Central Stores provides items that are purchased on a repetitive basis to the University community in a more timely manner, and usually at a better price that would be available with individual purchases. Central Stores carries a wide range of general office, computer, housekeeping, and maintenance supplies. Central Stores is also responsible for the receiving and distribution of incoming university shipments, the filling of loss and damage claims, distribution of interdepartmental packages and mail, central shipping, and traffic.