Chicago State University
Policies and Procedures

The Purchasing Department is covered in three areas: those promulgated by the Illinois Public Higher Education Cooperative [IPHEC], those promulgated by the Board of Trustees for Chicago State University, and those procedures promulgated by the Administration and Finance section of the University. By Clicking on the appropriate section, you will get a clear understanding of the procedures to be followed for purchasing activities.

Contracts With External Vendores

Contractual purchases $5,000 and above must have a CSU contract. All contracts will be reviewed and have the proper University approvals/ signatures based on the current CSU Procurement Policy and Procedure. Click here for more information

State of Illinois Procurement Policy Board

The Resolution of the Illinois Procurement Policy Board states for small purchase contracts, if the amount of the contract is more than $25,000.00, a financial disclosure form shall be required by the State. Click here for more information

Property Control Act

Legislative mandate 30ILCS 605/7a; 44Ill.adm Code 1.2043cl (Finance/Property Control Act) for the purchase of new furniture. Purchasing will be unable to process any furniture request until a process has been implemented to address the Property Control Act. Click here for more information.

The following GREEN procurement policy is in effect to assure Chicago State University (CSU) is in appropriate compliance with the State Officials and Illinois Waste Management Act.

“GOING GREEN” Procurement Policy

Pursuant to Sections 3 and 3.1 of the Illinois Solid Waste Management Act (415 ILCS 20), Chicago State University will not discriminate against the procurement of items manufactured with post-consumer recycled materials. Products with the highest amount of post-consumer recycled content shall be procured wherever and whenever cost, specifications, standards, and availability are comparable to products without post-consumer recycled content.

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Guidelines for Sole Source Justifications

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