Chicago State University
University Budget Committee (UBC)

The Chicago State University Board of Trustees Governing Policies require the university to establish a university-wide budget committee composed of faculty, staff, and students selected so as to provide representation of academic and support areas consistent with a practical committee size. The budget committee participates in making recommendations with respect to:

  • The setting of program priorities in the university budget.
  • Periodic review of the university budget.
  • Transfers of significant amounts among internal budget items.

The membership of the committee is as follows:

University Group Representing Name
Faculty College of Arts and Sciences

Birgen, Judith

Garcia-Solis, Edmundo


College of Education Kutame, Mark
College of Business Bryant, Linnae
College of Health Sciences Jackson, Leslie
Library and Instructional Services Kwembe, Azungwe
Counseling Department Hall, Tonya
Faculty-at-Large Wolf, Chyrese
College of Pharmacy Danquah, Michael
Union Pittman, Lionel
Civil Service Civil Service Council Garner-Stewart, Bobbie (Secretary)
Riley, Valerie 
Sims, Pamela
Students Students vacant
Chairpersons Chairpersons' Association Attele, Rohan (Vice-Chair)
Academic Support Professional ASP Members Dryjanski, Jannette
Administrative Staff Academic Affairs Rowan, Thomas
Student Affairs Bridges Carter, Shenay
Continuing Education and  Non-Traditional Programs Maynard, Nelly
Institutional Effectiveness and Research Eggleston-Williams, Latrice
Financial Operations Ostro, Ginger
Institutional Advancement and CSU Foundation Barker, Johnnie
President's Representative Byrd-Reno, Jimell
Office of Budget Office of Budget and Resource Planning Patawaran, Arrileen



Budget Recommendations

Meeting Minutes