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The easiest way to donate; contributions can be sent via check to Chicago State Foundation's office, or you can make a credit card donation online.

Give Online

Benefit of Giving Online

  1. No need to write checks
  2. It's secure. An online gift cannot be lost or stolen.
  3. Allows you to align your paychecks with your giving schedule.
  4. Credit card option allows you to take advantage of benefits such as airline mileage and cash bonuses

The easiest way to support Chicago State University is through a cash gift. You can make a contribution through numerous ways.

  1. Charge your gift online
    Please click on this button to make your contribution now:
  2. Mail us a check or money order
    Chicago State Foundation
    9501 S. King Drive, ADM 322
    Chicago, IL  60628 Please include a note with your name, address, telephone number, and information about where to direct your contribution.