Graduate Admission

This web page is designed to help the prospective graduate student to apply for admission online.

Although the Graduate School continuously accepts applications year-round, it is strongly suggested that the applicant meet published admission deadlines. Late applications are automatically transferred to the next upcoming term without notice to the student.

Apply for Graduate Admission

Apply Online

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Documents Required

  1. Resume
  2. Statement of Purpose (An essay describing your interest in the program). Some departments have specific requirements for Statement of Purpose. Check with the department.
  3. Official Transcripts from all higher education institutions/colleges/universities attended.
    1. The official transcript must be either sent directly from each university (through, or or must be placed in a sealed envelope and signed by the university registrar.  Unofficial transcripts are not accepted. An official transcript is not required for Chicago State University earned credits.
    2. A Course by Course evaluation of all foreign educational credentials (transcripts) is required and must be reported directly to the university by any of the following and/or professional evaluation service agencies:
      1. Education Credentials Evaluators (ECE).
      2. World Educational Service (WES).
      3. Educational Perspective.
      4. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.
      5. Foreign Academic Credentials Service.
  4. FOR International Students(Only)
    1. Passport Copy.
    2. Bank Statement.
    3. Proof of English Proficiency.(Submit one of the following)
      1. TOEFL Official score Report, Minimum total score of 69 is required.
      2. IELTS Official Score Report, Minimum overall score of 6.0 is required.
      3. TOEFL Essential  Official Score Report, Minimum overall score of 8 is required.
      4. Duolingo Official Score Report, Minimum overall score of 95 is required.
      5. Pearson Official Score Report, Minimum overall score of  51 is required.
      6. TOEFL/IELTS waiver Application: Request for waiver of English language.

Requirements by Program Click here

Where to send the Official Documents

Office of Graduate & Professional Studies

Chicago State University

9501 S King Dr., ADM 129 

Chicago, IL 60628.

Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at (773)995-2404 or by Email: if you have any questions.