Course Offerings

HIST 1092 Illinois History Teacher Certification Examination Review (1 hr.)  Preparation and practice for the Illinois State Teacher Certification Examination in Social Science. Credit may not be counted toward graduation requirement.

HIST 1200 The West and the World to 1715 (3 hr.) Civilizations of the ancient, medieval, and early modern world.

HIST 1210 The West and the World Since 1715 (3 hr.)  The Western world and its relationships with societies of Africa, Asia, and the Americas. 

HIST 1300 United States History 1607-1876 (3 hr.)

Political, economic, social, and intellectual developments from 1607 through Reconstruction. 

HIST 1310 United States History Since 1877 (3 hr.)

Political, economic, social and intellectual developments since Reconstruction. (Enrichment core course) 

HIST 1710 Introduction to Latin American History (3 hr.)

A survey of Latin American history from pre-Columbian times to the present. 

HIST 1840 African Civilization(3 hr.)

Survey of African history from antiquity to modern times with emphasis on African traditional societies and their transition and transformation into the present century. 

HIST 2120 The City in American History (3 hr.)

Analysis of origins and development of cities. Social impact of the city on American life. 

HIST 2160 Multicultural America (3 hr.)

The historical contributions and interactions of the wide spectrum of racial, ethnic, religious, and other minorities as a key element in the American experience. (Writing emphasis course) 

HIST 2200 Key Problems in World History (3 hr.)

Significant political, social, and economic world problems related to Non-Western and Third World cultures. (Enrichment core course) 

HIST 2220 Introduction to Historical Thought and Methods (3 hr.)

Introduction to the theories and methods historians use to research, write, and draw conclusions about the past. Seminar style format; topics vary each semester. (Writing emphasis course) 

HIST 2300 The Caribbean World (3 hr.)

The Caribbean islands from colonizations to the present and Central America since independence. 

HIST 2320 South America (3 hr.)

South America from the movements for independence to the present. 

HIST 2330 Introduction to the Middle Ages I (3 hr.)

The early medieval world 300 to 1000 C.E. including the formation of late antique Mediterranean civilization, Germanic invasions, the Christianization of the West, Byzantium, the rise of Islam, Carolingian cultural achievement to the last major invasions of the Magyars and Vikings. May be taken after HIST 234(2340). 

HIST 2340 Introduction to the Middle Ages II (3 hr.)

Medieval civilization 1000 – 1500 including the formation of national and papal monarchies, “feudal” society, the Crusades, rise of universities, vernacular literature, Romanesque and Gothic Art and Architecture, the Silk Road to the Hundred Years’ War. May be taken before HIST 233 (2330). 

HIST 2470 History of Illinois(3 hr.)

History of the state of Illinois from pre-Columbian times to the present with special emphasis on contemporary Illinois through field trips. May substitute Geography 315 to fulfill Illinois history program requirement in secondary teaching. Credit not given for both HIST 247 and 347. 

HIST 2650 Origins of Civilization(3 hr.)

Origins and development of the great civilizations of the ancient world as revealed by archaeology. Credit not given for both HIST 265 and ANTH 265. 

HIST 2710 The African American Experience(3 hr.)

The African American from slavery through the 20th century struggle for equality. 

HIST 2830 Slavery in World History(3 hr.)

Cross-cultural practices in Western and non-Western history, ancient and modern. 

HIST 2840 Africa to 1800 (3 hr.)

A survey of African history from the origins of human societies in Africa to the impact of the slave trade, ca. 1800. Key themes will be state and empire formation, the spread of Islam, the impact of long distance trade, and the material and cultural bases of African societies. 

HIST 2850 Africa Since 1800 (3 hr.)

An overview of African history from the late pre colonial period to the present. Main themes include the effects of the slave trade, state formation and Islamic revolutions, European colonialism, independence and nationalism, and contemporary Africa. 

HIST 2930 Workshop in World Peace Organizations (3 hr.)

Study of world peace-keeping organizations from the 19th century through a workshop approach, based on the structure of the United Nations. Individual students will participate in Model UN conferences. May be repeated for a maximum of six hours, but may apply toward the major only once. Does not count as political science elective credit for Political Science majors, nor in general education. Credit not given for both POL 293 and HIST 293 during the same semester. 

HIST 2970 Special Topics in History (3 hr.)

Analysis of special topics of history with emphasis on contemporary significance. May be repeated under different topics for a maximum of 9 credit hours. 

HIST 4010/5301 The Era of the French Revolution (3 hr.)

Background and development of the French Revolution. 

HIST 4020/5302 History of African American Women (3 hr.)

The history of women with African descent from the enslavement period to the present. Emphasis on issues of racism and sexism in late 19th century and 20th century U.S. society with relation to the feminist, womanist, Civil Rights, and Black Power movements. 

HIST 4030/5303 Renaissance and Reformation (3 hr.)

Aspects of 15th and 16th century political and cultural history. 

HIST 4050/5305 The Civil Rights Movement (3 hr.)

The African American struggle for civil rights since 1900 with an emphasis on the period since World War II. 

HIST 4070/5307 The European World in the 20th Century (3 hr.)

Europe from 1914 to the present 

HIST 4080/5308 The Vietnam War (3 hr.)

The causes and effects of the Vietnam War with an emphasis on the United States and its role from World War II to 1975. 

HIST 4100/ Women in The Middle Ages (3 hr.)

Topical and chronological survey of women in the Mediterranean and European world, with emphasis on their social, cultural and intellectual accomplishments. Special emphasis on realities and perceptions of the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic tradition. 

HIST 4110/5311 Race and Labor in United States History (3 hr.)

Race and race relationships through labor struggle and the formation of the United States working class. Central focus on working women and men of color from the mid-nineteenth through the twentieth century. 

HIST 4120/5312 The Nineteenth Century in Europe (3 hr.)

Europe during the 19th century. 

HIST 4140/5314 The Civil War and Reconstruction 1850 - 1876 (3 hr.)

Events of the Civil War and Reconstruction. 

HIST 4170/5317 Forging of Modern America, 1877 - 1932 (3 hr.)

The Gilded Age, Progressive Era, World War I, the 1920's and the Great Depression. 

HIST 4190/5319 The American Revolution and the Establishment of the Republic, 1763-1815 (3hr.)

Independence movement and the formation of a new nation. 

HIST 4200/5320 American Colonial History (3 hr.)

Culture and institutions of the American colonies. 

HIST 4220/5322 History of the United States, 1877 - 1917 (3 hr.)

United States from the last years of Reconstruction to World War I. 

HIST 4230/5323 Immigrant Experience (3 hr.)

Immigration and migration as factors in United States history.

HIST 4240/5324 History of the United States, 1945- Present (3 hr.)

History of the United States after World War II. Major themes include the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, Watergate, and the Reagan Years through popular culture, movies, television, and music.

HIST 4260/5326 American Foreign Policy (3 hr.)

Development, impact, and interpretation of American foreign policy.

HIST 4270/5327 The Ancient Near East and Greece (3 hr. )

Civilizations in the ancient Near East and Greece.

HIST 4280/5328 World Civilizations 500 BC - 1500 AD (3 hr.)

Competition for world domination among civilizations originating in Western Europe, the Middle East, China, and India.

HIST 4290/5329 History of Roman Civilization (3 hr.)

Roman civilization under the Republic and Empire.

HIST 4310/5331 Tudor/Stuart England (3 hr.)

English history from 1485 to 1714.

HIST 4390/5339 Women in Politics (3 hr.)

The role of women in the political arena with focus on grass roots and elite politics at the national and international level within historical context. Cross-listed as POL 337. Credit not given for both HIST 339 and POL 337.

Hist 4430/5343 The Medieval World: Special Topics (3 hr.)

Advanced and specialized topics on the social, cultural, political, intellectual, and religious history of the Middle Ages. May be taken more than once for credit if topics are different.

HIST 4440/5344 History of Eastern Europe (3 hr.)

Eastern Europe politics and culture from the seventh century to the present.

HIST 4480/ 5348 History of the Occult (3 hr.)

Occultist beliefs and practices from Greco-Roman Egypt through the 20th century. Historical interconnections with mythology, religion, theology, philosophy, and psychology in various cultures.

HIST 4530/5353 History of East Africa (3 hr.)

Analysis of major events caused by the migration of the Bantu, Arabs, Indians, Chinese, and peoples of the Pacific Ocean islands to East Africa and the creation of Swahili Civilization representing the first great melting pot culture in Africa.

HIST 4540/5354 History of South Africa (3 hr.)

A survey of the Bantu civilizations of the African Sub-Continent, their contacts with European civilization in the 17th century and the creation of a multicultural society in the 20th century.

HIST 4550/5355 Modern Africa (3 hr.)

A detailed look at Africa since World War I, especially the impact of colonialism the rise of African nationalist movements and struggles for independence, and changes in Africa since independence.

HIST 4560/5356 Slavery in the Atlantic World (3 hr.)

The rise of slavery in the trans-Atlantic world. The triangle Trade, the role of slavery in the development of western capitalism, and the effect of racist justification for that institution.

HIST 4590/5359 Russia Under the Czars (3 hr.)

From the rise of the Romano vs in the 1613 to their fall in the revolutions of 1917.

HIST 4600/5360 History of the Soviet Union, 1917-1991 (3 hr.)

The Soviet Union since the 1917 Revolution with emphasis on Leninist-Stalinist policy.

HIST 4620/5362 The World Since 1945 (3 hr.)

Analysis of major social, political, economic, military, demographic, and cultural trends and events in the world since the end of World War II.

HIST 4630 Methods of Teaching Social Studies at the Secondary Level (Grades 6-12)/Field (3 hr.)

Methods of teaching geography, history, and other social studies in high school grades 9-12 and middle school grades 6-8. Thirty clock hours of field experience. Credit not given for both HIST 2770 and 4630.

HIST 4640/5364 Colonial Latin America (3 hr.)

From pre-Columbian Indian civilizations through the European discovery and conquest to the movements for independence.

HIST 4690/5369 Field Internship (3-12 hr.)

Special assignment or research projects in museums, schools, libraries, or programs which would involve students in practical applications of historical knowledge or research. Must complete 25 clock hours per credit hour. May be repeated for credit up to a maximum of 12 semester hours.

HIST 4710/5371 Mexico Since Independence (3 hr.)

Mexico from independence to the present with a major focus on U.S. Mexican relations.

HIST 4750 Student Teaching and Seminar/Field (3 hr.)

Off-Campus placement in secondary level schools in two or more grade levels. University and cooperating school supervision. Five full days including seminar for 16 weeks. No other courses may be taken during the semester of student teaching. Credit not given for both HIST 270 and 375.

HIST 4790/5379 Spain Since 1492(3 hr.)

Spain from the completion of the Reconquista through the rise and fall of its New World empire to the present.

HIST 4810/5381 History of Religion (3 hr.)

Historical study of world religions, their origins and development. Includes discussion of religions originating in India (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism); the Far East (ancestor worship, Chinese Taoism, Confucianism, Japanese Shinto); the Middle East (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). Native African, Native American and Syncretic Caribbean religions are also discussed. (This course counts as a non-western course for Teacher Certification.)

HIST 4830/5383 The Black Church in America (3 hr.)

History of the origins and development of the major religious movements among Black Americans. (This course satisfies the elective course requirements for the African American Studies major or minor)

HIST 4840/5384 West Africa (3 hr.)

History of the West African sub region, with special emphasis on the NIger River Valley civilizations of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Ashanti, Yoruba, and Dahomey, the ancestral origins of African Americans, the impact of the desiccation of the Sahara Desert, and the origins and impact of the great Bantu migrations.

HIST 4860/5386 Ancient Africa (3 hr.)

An understanding and appreciation of Africa before 1500 AD and the discovery of the new world, and on the eve of the breakdown of its civilizations under the impact of this discovery and Islam.

HIST 4870/5387 Key Problems in African History (3 hr.)

Africa from ancient to modern times with emphasis on the origins of human civilization, the Saharan factor in African history, the impact of Sudanese and Bantu migrations, and evaluation of foreign interventions and their legacies, state formation and problems of development and governance. Emphasis on the theoretical and methodological issues of the debate on and in African history.

HIST 4900/5390 Colonialism, Nationalism and Independence in the Third World (3 hr.)

Political, economic and cultural changes brought about in traditional society by the imposition of Western rule, leading to the rise of nationalism and successful independence movements. India, Indochina, Knya, and Nigeria will be used as case studies.

HIST 4940/5394 Independent Study in History (3 hr.)

Staff-directed study in special topics. May be repeated once under a different topic for one to three additional credit hours.

HIST 4990/5399 Special Topics in History (3 hr.)

Analysis of particular historical problems that have a high degree of contemporary significance.