Dr. Ann E. KuzdaleDr. Ann E. Kuzdale

Associate Professor of History

Ph.D. - University of Toronto

Research Interests:

Medieval/Early Modern Politics and Religion, Manuscripts and Literary Source Studies,

History of the Book, Art and History

Office: SCI Room 247

Phone: 773-995-2252

Email: akuzdale@csu.edu

Dr. Suzuko MorikawaDr.  Suzuko Morikawa

Associate Professor of History

Ph.D. - Temple University

Research Interests:

African American History, Africans in the Americas (Latin America and the Caribbean), U.S. Immigration History, Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.

Office: SCI Room 277

Phone: 773-995-2363

Email: s-morikawa@csu.edu 

Dr. Lionel KimbleDr.  Lionel Kimble

Associate Professor of History

Ph.D. - University of Iowa

Research Interests:

Black Chicago, World War II, US Labor and Working Class History, Civil Rights and History of Illinois

Office: SCI Room 248

Phone: 773-821-4389

Email: lkimble@csu.ed

Dr. Saidou Mohamed N'Daou

Professor of History

Ph.D. - University of Minnesota

Research Interests:

Social Memories, African Oral Traditions, African Philosophy, History of West Africa, Methods of Teaching History, Identity,

Transnational Identity

Office: SCI Room 278

Phone: 773-995-2973

Email: sndaou@csu.edu



Rita C. Kucera

Professor of History

Ph.D - Loyola University of Chicago

Office: SCI Room 267

Phone: 773-995-2205