Cable TV

Mission Statement

The Office of Telecommunications (OOT) of ITD Network Services provides oversight and administration of the cable television services at Chicago State University. Our responsibilities include ensuring that our cable provider meets the requirements and obligations stated in their franchise agreement. We are responsible for monitoring services and regulatory policies to include customer service standards as deemed by our provider and our agreement. The OOT in ITD Network Services promises to respond to inquiries regarding new service, repair request, and complaints relating to cable television services in a timely manner.


The OOT of ITD Network Services provides satellite Cable TV through our vendor Campus Televideo as an added feature to our campus communication services. Our objective is to administer, monitor, and regulate Cable TV services according to FCC rules, State of Illinois guidelines, and Chicago State University's policies and procedures. In efforts to provide excellent customer service to our constituents throughout our campus community, departments wishing to install cable TV must do so through the Office of Telecommunications, (no exceptions). All departments requesting services will be required to assume all cost associated with the installation and monthly service fees. All start-up cost must be received in the Office of Telecommunications prior to the installation date. No request will be honored without the consent and signature(s) of the Department Chair, Head, Dean, or VP. The Office of Telecommunications (OTC) is responsible for Cable TV services only. Departments are responsible for providing all peripheral equipment and or accessories for viewing purposes, i.e. (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.). When purchasing your TV monitor, make sure the specs include HDMI/ATSC/QAM/NTSC with PC Input.


Cable TV requests are to be submitted to the OOT of ITD Network Services using the Voice Service Request Form (VSRF) that can be located at The OOT will schedule a meeting with the person listed on the form to perform a survey of the area(s) where cable TV service is being requested. Following the meeting, cost will be calculated, to include cable drops, programming, maintenance, etc., and submitted to the fiscal officer. OOT must receive payment for the service prior to starting any portion of the installation. The cost for the service is not prorated. All service will be billed on an annual fee of $700 per location ($20 per month for 72 programmed stations and $38 per month for maintenance and leased equipment). Installation of cable drops will require a 5-7 business day turnaround time. New cable TV installations will incur a one-time minimum fee of $500 for each cable run.

Existing cable TV customers will be sent an invoice at the beginning of each fiscal period for cable TV services. Payment must be made to the Cashier Office with a receipt provided to the OOT no later than August 30th of that fiscal year to retain your cable TV service. Cost is subject to decrease as more users sign-on to the University cable TV service. Please remember, the OOT does not purchase Televisions or any accessories associated with or for viewing purposes. All cost associated with installation and equipment rest solely on the requesting party. Please direct your inquiries for additional information to extension 4481 or send an email to