Web Services

Web ServicesWe are responsible for the design and upkeep of the csu.edu website. The first impression of CSU often comes from the web. This website is also one of the most effective and quickest ways of communicating with the entire University & CSU community. Web Services recognizes the World Wide Web is one of the most valuable and vital resources of any organization.


Editors & Publishers

Web Sites Site Editor Ext. Site Publisher Ext.
Academic Evaluation Beverly A. Poindexter 3578 Michelle Smith-Williams 3561
Academic Support Frank McKnight 2047 TBD  
Accreditation Thomas Rowan 12437 TBD 2439
Administration & Finance Neromi Horton 2042 TBD 2824
Admissions Carlos Gooden 3532 Andrea Welch 2531
African American Studies TBD   TBD  
Alumni Affairs Bobbie Harth   Kevin Triskett  
Arts and Design     Lillian Kay Dawson 2283
Assessment Elizabeth Arnott-Hill 12437  TBD 2402


Website Editor Request

The Editor Authorization Form once submitted and approved changes who has acess to edit or publish to the website. One full-time employee may be appointed from the department for each role. This liaison will be responsible for content updates for the department website. 

If you will need to edit the website offcampus, then please additionally request VPN acess.

pdf Download this pdf for getting started & tips.

Email web support your changes or a request to meet/discuss and we will send a virtual google meeting.

For edits always provide:

link & clear description:


  • please add attached image and bio for Jane Smith
  • remove the red eye from camera flash


copy additions in red, removals with strikethrough


Lazaus Goosby '09

Alumni Council President

Internal Advisor Consultant



For new web pages provide:

  • Navigational clickstream to where this page should go

  • Copy spellchecked & reviewed for grammar

  • Instructions that are not copy updates, in red all caps for example:  (ANIMATED SLIDESHOW HERE)
  • For group collaboration, create & share a google doc with your team to write the content. Once your team approves the copy, forward a link to web support with instructions.

GrammarlyWe suggest students & faculty install the free Grammarly extension for your web browser. This will work on gmail, google docs, and any text you type on forums and forms in your browser. If you are editing the website, grammarly works in the classic version of OUCampus, but not in the new just edit mode.

  • Clearly — Ensure your writing is exceptionally clear to others. Always put yourself in the position of the reader. 
  • Concisely  Web visitors are looking for quick & fast answers. Concise copy is more impactful and directly to the point. Trim whatever content is not needed and your reader will have an easier time locating that needle in a haystack. 
  • Consistently — The eye scans visually for colors, boldness, spacing. Always check your usage of UPPERCASE, Sentence Case, periods, bold to be consistent.
  • Eliminate Repetition  Avoid using the same word repeatedly at the start of each item in a list. Better to move that word into a headline for the list. Proof your copy to not have the same sentence or another form of the same thought in your copy. Abbreviate repetitive words, and only show the unabbreviated version once at the beginning of your story.
  • Reduce scrolling   Even the small difference between "and" to "&" can make a big difference. This can reduce the width of a column in a table. For headlines especially use as few words as possible. Always remember the pages we publish are often viewed on a mobile device. 
  • Visually  Use tables, bulleted lists, images, logos, slideshows & videos. "An image is worth 1000 words."

Douglas Hall (DH) Room: 122

9am to 5pm Monday through Friday

Phone: 773-995-2033

FAX: 773-821-2858

Email: websupport@csu.edu