Innovation Lab Newsletter

Innovation Lab LogoHello fellow cougars! we are exceptionally glad that we are all here today. Just as cougars do we also"hunt in a pack", just that what we hunt are solutions to our burning issues, that we must have to solve in order to feel completely relieved. We are the courgars that ROAR!

This summer we will embark on a very innovative and stealth mission. We will do whats called an "idea hack". Each one of us, wherever our summer travels take us, thinks of an idea and shares it with others. We all go in turns to add/subtract to the idea, therefore improving it. Come fall we 'pounce' on that idea!

Super Computer coming to CSU

Cougar logoFolks! The Innovators of the lab are busy working to bring such a tool to CSU this summer that will change the face of CSU for ever! Remember, we own the jungle, and together we will computer and out computer our competition. Introducing 'MANA-1',a 8,800 core , CPU, computer that puts anything we have in southside in terms of computational size to shame.

What do you think we can do with a super computer? Maybe find out what is going on in different parts of the world. How about creating ways to connect with wild cougars. Figure out how to design comic books about heroes of innovation lab. Or develop our own special language.  Please send your ideas to

 Make time to come join your fellow entrepreneurs!

Join Your fellow entrepreneursA group of 4 cougars are going to be presenting an idea on starting a business in the dreaded field of Cyber Security this summer. This presentation is in two parts, Part I on wednesday June 20 and Part II on Wednesday June 27th. Don't miss being a part of history! Come support your fellow cougars.



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