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Alumni Affairs & Community Engagement
Alumni Affairs & Community Engagement

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Community Engagement embraces the work of the Chicago Teachers College/Chicago State University Alumni Association. Alumni Affairs serves the University community through programs, memberships and alumni and student engagement.

The Office of Alumni Affairs and Community Engagement value alumni as lifelong stakeholders. CSU alumni are our top priority, and we aim to keep them informed and engaged. The University offers value and resources by connecting alumni to University activities and services, supporting an active network of peers, and building a profile of institutional and alumni successes. It is our mission to serve the community. Working together, the University and its alumni can support and lead essential initiatives to the broader community.

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Chicago State University Alumni Association
Enjoy the benefits of membership while supporting your alma mater!
  • Fitness Membership: Utilize our multi-purpose facility, complete with indoor/outdoor track, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness machines, and free weights.
  • Event Access and Discounts: Get special access and discounts at select CSU events, as well as free or reduced admission pricing to most association events.
  • Career Services: Receive complimentary career services including advising, interview-skills counseling, resume review and online job searching.
  • Library Services: Utilize on site services
  • Recognition: Gain recognition for your achievements through award programs and presidential nominations, such as the Annual Awards Celebration.
  • Alumni Ambassador Program: Represent CSU at events, meet with prospective students at local college fairs, participate in classroom activities, or serve on advisory boards or panels.

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CTC/CSU Alumni Board of Directors

Dr. Lisa R. Abston-Leftridge, President Dr. Robert J. Szyman, Vice President Ms. Monique Washington, Secretary Ms. Carolyn Eloby, Treasurer
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Alumni in the News

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Calendar of Events

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