Chicago State University

Calling Privileges Policy

In compliance with the State of Illinois and Chicago State University “telephone usage” policy, the Office of Telecommunications has devised a “calling matrix” that aligns telephone extensions to specific calling privilege boundaries. We will begin implementing the change to campus phone extensions effective immediately. The change enhance and strengthen our position in the avoidance of audit findings while reducing unsubstantiated cost to the University.

Vice Presidents are being asked to reinforcement the “telephone usage” policy and communicate these changes to their staff.

The matrix developed, in order of expanded calling capabilities, is as follows:

  • Courtesy phones and lines without a name will be limited to on-campus calling.
  • All employees will be given toll-free local Chicagoland calling calling capability to access area codes, 773, 312, 708, 224, and 847 directly.
  • Supervisors, managers, department fax lines and selective individuals in H.R., Legal. Budget and Finance will given capabilities to access the above plus Central and Southern Illinois, Northern Indiana, along with mid-western states.
  • V.P., Deans, Chairpersons and Directors calling capabilities will encompass the entire United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska.
  • The President's Office and International office fax line calling access will include international and the entire United States.
  • Primary department secretaries that place intra-state and inter-state long distance calls for other faculty and staff in their department from their telephone can be given a departmental long distance access code for this use upon request.
  • The campus operator is available to place international and long distance calls for those that are limited but have infrequent needs for intra-state and long distance calls.
  • To prevent unauthorized telephone abuse that is taking place after work hours, telephones located in open areas, i.e., secretaries, students, etc. will have calling privileges reduced to campus only during the hours of 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m.

Individuals who require long distance on a regular basis to complete their job responsibilities should request an access codes or long distance capability through their respective VP or Dean (not their Directors or Chairs).The VP or Dean should send their approved email to the Office of Telecommunications. Upon receipt of the email, a code will be issued and/or the land line calling privilege changed to reflect the request.

Web access for external local and long distance directory assistance is posted on the Telecommunications web site. Only the campus operator and the President’s Office will have direct access to the external service from their land line.