Chicago State University

Identity and Access Management

What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

The goal of Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies and business processes is to enable the creation, maintenance and use of digital identity – ensuring that the right people gain access to the right materials and records at the right time.

At Chicago State University, we have made big strides in managing the digital identities by implementing an IAM solution that will cater to the specific needs of the University.

Features currently available in IAM:

  1. Claim Your Account
  2. Password Reset
  3. Manage Your Account

IAM Implementation Process

The University understands the need for protecting its electronic assets and safe guarding the digital identities of its employees and students on the network. An RFP was issued and bids were solicited to provide the technology and services to implement the solution. A committee was formed to review the proposals that were received from vendors.

Committee members were as follows:

  1. Victor Alexander
  2. Herbert Bradfield
  3. Dr. Yashika Watkins
  4. Mr. Martin Kong
  5. Dr. Rohan Attele
  6. Prashant Shinde

The Committee decided to award the contract to Aegis Identity as it’s solution provided the features that the University was seeking to implement.

Current Issues

Lost User Productivity: Users have to reach out to various departments for their usernames and passwords for multiple systems being used at CSU.

Poor User Experience: Users have multiple usernames and passwords for various systems. These passwords for these individual applications expire at different times leading to user frustration and security risks.

Reduced Security: Multiple accounts which are managed by multiple departments. This leads to security risks and potential audit findings.

Systems currently in IAM:

  1. Active Directory
  2. LDAP