Chicago State University
Who We Are

Through Institutional Advancement, Chicago State University unites alumni affairs and community engagement, communications and marketing, and development (fundraising) with the purpose of redoubling efforts to build awareness of, engagement with, and giving to the University. The strategic combination of the University Alumni Association, the Chicago State Foundation, and University Communications not only upholds our concept of one University and a new Chicago State, but also places Chicago State’s goals along side the top-reaching academic and research institutions in the country.

Advancement is “the strategic, University-wide integration and coordination of alumni relations, communications and marketing, and development functions to foster positive relationships with students, alumni, and other key audiences; provide multiple opportunities for engagement; and generate involvement with and support for the mission of Chicago State University.”

The Advancement framework is comprised of three key building blocks for Advancement implementation: institutional position, market segmentation, and organizational design. Our institutional position statement clearly articulates what the University stands for, and is used to guide messaging, outreach activities, and decision-making. Our marketing segmentation helps us to understand what stakeholders want and need from the University so it can deliver on those expectations. Our organizational design creates the right structure to activate our brand and drive deeper engagement with stakeholders.

Our goals also build upon the distinctive and essential legacy of Chicago State and its commitment to the community through four priorities: Students First, A New Chicago State, Global Competitiveness, and Organizational Stewardship.

The mission of the Institutional Advancement is to plan and implement coordinated strategic and creative communications to support and increase enrollment, retention, and graduation. The department manages the CSU brand and ensures its integration across all University marketing messages and programs in order to enhance visibility and awareness among prospective and enrolled students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, legislators, and the community. Our department works with academic departments and administrative units to strengthen the University’s position and presence in higher education and ensure clear and accurate communication about the University.