Purpose and Overall Controls:

Chicago State University has implemented the Vehicle Use Policy in order to facilitate the monitoring of the University’s Vehicle Fleet. This policy and procedure is intended to establish appropriate controls and ensure fleet vehicles are used for University business only.  

A. Accidents

In case of an accident, follow the instruction pamphlet included in your vehicle packet.  The State of Illinois provides liability coverage for University employees involved in accidents while on official state business. Failure to adhere to the instructions included in the vehicle packet may result in the loss of such coverage.

  • All accidents with CSU Fleet must be reported to the CSU Police Department immediately at 773-995-2111.   

B. Centralized Control and Reconciler

  • Chicago State University has designated the Parking and Fleet Manager as the Vehicle Coordinator to monitor the use of State-owned and/or State-controlled vehicles.
  • The fiscal officers over the Departments that use University vehicles are required to cooperate fully with the Vehicle Coordinator in maintaining the proper control and administration of the University Fleet Vehicles. This responsibility includes monitoring their employee users and complying with the mandated daily mileage reporting requirements of vehicle usage. 
  • Tollway travel must be documented and reported to the Vehicle Coordinator following usage of a fleet vehicle.

C.  Daily Vehicle Use Logs and Mileage Recording

  • The University vehicle fleet is currently distributed among user departments. Each user department is responsible for carrying out this Automotive Policy and Procedure as it relates to their respective department, including overseeing and authorizing each designated driver to ensure compliance with the University Vehicle Use Policy.
  • Departments must require each authorized department driver to cooperate fully with the University in efforts to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Departments utilizing University fleet vehicles must require authorized department drivers to complete a daily trip record indicating: usage date; operator name; departure and return mileage, reporting of driving on Illinois and/or other state tollway systems and forwarding the completed trip record information to the Vehicle Coordinator upon return to campus. Additionally, vehicle drivers are responsible for notifying the Vehicle Coordinator of any tickets issued during usage (moving/parking/red-light camera violations); unpaid tolls; damage to the vehicle; or malfunctions incurred or noticed during use of the vehicle.
  • The Vehicle Coordinator will prepare and maintain vehicle usage and mileage information on a monthly basis from all reporting departments.  

D.  Driver Requirements

  • Drivers must possess and present a valid driver's license issued in their State of residence.
  • The driver's license must be appropriate for the type of University motor vehicle that the employee is authorized to drive.
  • Drivers must agree to operate University motor vehicles in accordance with applicable State and Local laws, and University regulations.
  • Drivers must maintain a vehicle mileage log of all vehicle usage.

E.  Individually Assigned Vehicles (IAVs)

  1. A University Fleet Vehicle may be assigned to a specific individual if authorized. Such authorization is to be granted only if one or more of the conditions are met:
    • The vehicle is specially equipped to perform law enforcement services and the law enforcement employee is on call 24 hours a day.
    • The work assignment of the employee requires traveling to numerous locations over a considerable territory with infrequent stops at the headquarters of the employee.
    • The employee is regularly subject to special or emergency calls from his/her residence during non-duty hours.
    • The employee has complied with the provisions of Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILC 5/10-101(b) and the Illinois Administrative Code Title 44 Sec. 5040.500. 

F.  Insurance Coverage

Accident coverage for personal injury and property damage is provided by the University insurance coverage.  This coverage is valid only while on official University business.  The use of University vehicles for personal business is prohibited.

  • All accidents with CSU Fleet must be reported to the CSU Police Department immediately at 773-995-2111.   

G. Malfunctions

The driver of a state vehicle must notify the Vehicle Coordinator immediately upon return of any vehicle malfunctions, which may require special repairs.  A work order will be completed for a vehicle inspection.  If the vehicle is returned on a weekend or holiday, the driver should notify the University Police Department.

H. Maximum Use

Without the approval of the University Vice President, Administration and Finance are not allow fleet for a period longer than three (3) days or a maximum round trip of 1,000 miles without approval of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

I. Parking Your Vehicle

Due to limited parking space, only one personal vehicle may be left in the place of a state vehicle.  University employees traveling on University business shall leave their vehicles in University Parking Lot A15, A16, or A17.

J. Pick Up

  • Keys and vehicle trip tickets must be picked up from the Parking/Police Department between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  If the vehicle is to be obtained before 8:00 a.m., the keys must be picked up the day before, prior to 4:00 p.m.  Keys for weekend trips must be secured before 4:00 p.m. on Friday.
  • A packet in the vehicle glove compartment contains a driver’s check list, credit card, instructions on use of the credit card, map of Illinois and an accident report form.  The driver must verify at time of departure that all items have been provided.
  • The driver will sign for the vehicle at time of pick up, providing an accurate record of the destination of the vehicle.
  • When a vehicle is returned after 4:00 p.m. keys, completed trip ticket and driver’s check list (if vehicle is malfunctioning) are to be dropped in the slot provided at the Parking/Police Department.  Failure to fully complete trip tickets may result in suspension of vehicle use privileges.

K. Return

  • The vehicle must be returned on the date indicated on the vehicle request.  Vehicles may not be kept overnight at the driver’s residence or off campus location except in exceptional situations.  Permission must be received prior to the start of the trip from the appropriate department fiscal officer. (Permission to keep vehicles overnight will be determined by the need and availability.)  Minimum criteria for permission to keep a University vehicle overnight are:
    1. A full day’s travel;
    2. Business outside the Metropolitan Chicago area;
    3. Returning later than 7:30 p.m.;
    4. Vehicles must be returned containing at least a half (½) tank of gas.

L.  Reservations

Tentative vehicle reservations are on a first-come/first-served basis with allowances made for priority and distance traveled.  A vehicle request is required to complete the reservation, and the confirmation of the reservation is predicated upon the date and time the request is received.  A request for transportation must include destination, departure and return times, and applicable signatures.  All forms are located on the parking website https://www.csu.edu/parking/

M. Take-Home Vehicles

At the request of a Department Director, the University President or his designee may authorize a vehicle to be taken home when it is clearly demonstrated that it is in the benefit of the University or in situations whereas an employee is precluded from obtaining advance approval due to an emergency.  In those instances, a justification must be submitted via email to the Vehicle Coordinator from the Department Director within a reasonable time.

N.  Vehicle Usage

  • In accordance with Chapter 1, Section 5040.350 of the Illinois Administrative Code, University motor vehicles shall only be used for University business, and when authorized by the President or designee, in accordance with this section or code. Authorization to use a state owned/controlled vehicle can be granted to full-time and part-time employees of the University operating a University motor vehicle as a part of their University employment duties.
  • Employees authorized to use a University vehicle are required to exercise due care and diligence in safeguarding and returning the vehicle to the University after business duties are performed, including parking and/or storing vehicles in a marked or designated stall near the Physical Plant Building after usage.

O. WEX Card Loss

If a gasoline credit card is lost, misplaced or damaged the responsible individual having custody of the vehicle will immediately notify the office of the Police Department.  Lost credit cards may result in the responsible person being liable for any charges. 

P. Violation of Policy/Procedures


Repeat violators of policies and procedures relating to University vehicles will be denied use of University Vehicles.

 Key Personnel

  • Winona Hannah, Parking / Fleet Manager - Parking Department

Books and Records

  • CSU Fleet Inventory Sheet