President's Message (year 2019-2020)

Welcome Back!  It is a meaningful time for me, my first anniversary as president. I begin my second year with renewed purpose and optimism for the future of Chicago State University. CSU prepares students to become artists, teachers, scientists, musicians, nurses, pharmacists, entrepreneurs, business leaders and so much more. We also return to school at a time when our country prepares for the 2020 national process of a census, a nationwide count of everyone in the United States as required by the United States Constitution. As a student, we want to prepare you to be an active and engaged citizen in issues like the census. Civic engagement is at the heart of a liberal arts education.

I invite you to stop by and familiarize yourself with the services provided by our Career Development and Experiential Resource Center led by Director LaCael Palmer-Pratt. Early college experiences outside the classroom such as campus work-study and internships often translate into future career success. This past summer many CSU students were placed by the Center with corporate partners for internships where they received valuable learning opportunities.

We also welcome to campus our very first marching band.  Hopefully, you had the opportunity to see and hear the band during our 2nd Annual Welcome Back to School Parade.

One important task force will continue its work this year.  The Student Success Task Force, chaired by Interim Provost Dr. Leslie Roundtree, will review and study ways to improve student outcomes and student retention. We will also convene a strategic planning committee that will work to assemble a plan representing our mission, shared values and goals. The work of the committee will be presented to our Board of Trustees in December. I hope that you will take the time to lend your voice and ideas to the strategic planning process by participation in the focus groups and surveys that will be available.

In closing, I share with you some of the special events that will take place on campus this year. These are in addition to the already exciting slate of regularly scheduled events on campus. Please be on the lookout for announcements throughout the year.  The CSU Food Pantry Grand Opening is Thursday August 29 and is open to all students; the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture will host a series of events on campus during the month of September including a Genealogy 101 Workshop with internationally known author and genealogist Tony Burroughs on Saturday, September 7 and Image Digitization sessions on September 24-28.

I hope you join me in my excitement for all that the 2019-2020 academic year will bring. Welcome back, and I look forward to seeing you on campus soon!

Z Scott, Esq.
President, Chicago State University