Policy on Hiring CSU Graduates Effective August 16, 2012

[Updated from July 1, 2011]

Chicago State University strives for its faculty, administrators and staff to represent the diversity existing within the State of Illinois. To achieve this endeavor, it is paramount that those responsible for shaping and delivering the education and training to CSU students represent a variety of backgrounds, educational and professional experiences as well as diversity in gender, ethnicity, age, religions, etc.

Achievement of a broad-based concept of diversity is a key component in the guidelines encouraged through the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Illinois commitment to the Public Agenda, and the University’s mission. Demonstration of diversity in educational preparation is designed to enhance the intellectual vigor of each of the University’s academic colleges, programs and disciplines. It encourages the expansion of scholarly perspectives and expertise, because of the University’s engagement in hiring employees with a variety of appropriate institutional contexts.

To meet this aspect of diversity, regular faculty and administrative appointments will not be offered to any individual whose relevant graduate degree has been earned at Chicago State University, unless the individual has obtained substantial pertinent educational and/or professional experience at another institution or professional capacity of employment subsequent to obtaining that degree, and is otherwise fully qualified for the position.

If because of exceptional circumstances, an appointment of a recent graduate that enhances the quality and/or diversity of the department, college, or university is requested, approval may granted upon written request by the Dean and the Provost to the President. This policy is intended for all positions in the Division of Academic Affairs.

Presented to the Provost Council, July 2011