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Summer Bridge to Social Media and Civic Action: Content Production


Summer Bridge to Social Media and Civic Action: Content Production is a two-week e-learning program for high school rising juniors and seniors.  

The camp will revolve around where media currently resides, which is through our phones, tablets and laptops. Most content today is digested through someone’s handheld device with apps like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  This camp will be fully planted in the future.  Students will learn how to diversify their content, so that they can reach a broader audience with a call to action.  

As this year’s theme, the campers will explore ways to use social media to provide leadership within their local communities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by creating audio visual content that can be broken down and tailored for the purpose of bringing eyes and ears to their message. 

In addition to technical skills, we will explore issues of civic action and leadership, and what it means to be a civic actor in a public space.  We will also examine the ways in which media can shine a light on issues, challenge assumptions, and create space for civic actors to bring impact to their neighborhoods and beyond. 

The two-week intensive program will be taught by Chicago State University alumnus Derek Dow and will also feature guest speakers. 

Program dates:  July 13-24

Location:  Remote learning

Times:  M-F, 10am-4pm



Derek Dow is an award-winning director born in the Englewood community on the South Side of Chicago. After graduating high school, he continued his education at Chicago State University, where he learned he held a passion for writing, directing, and filmmaking. Flash forward years later, Dow landed in Los Angeles earning an MFA in film at the prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinema Arts. He was awarded the Irvin Kershner Fund for Documentary Filmmaking, helping him to complete his documentary Beyond the Sole, which shed light on the “sneakerhead” culture and which aired on the Aspire Channel. Dow’s next film, The Big Chop, was licensed by HBO. His newest film, Growing Pains, was shot in his hometown of Chicago and was funded by The Gene Siskel Film Center.  Dow has worked closely with multiple diversity programs to help shine a light on new voices, and he is currently writing multiple short-form projects across the digital space.

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