2010-2011 Provost Council Meeting Minutes

Date Topics

Tech Update; Freshman Updates; Enrollment Updates; Sexual Assault Audit Findings; Hiring CSU Graduates at CSU; Key Performance Indicators; Library Floor Redesign; Blocked Sections; Internships/Practica; Banner 8 Faculty Load


Technology Update; Freshman Updates; Enrollment Updates; New Marketing Effort; External Auditors

06/29/2011 Visit by Dr. Watson; Technology Updates; Freshman Updates; Enrollment Update; Discussion: Update on CTRE; Student Dismissal for Poor Academic Scholarship: Policy Review; Restructuring: Closed Session for Deans
06/15/2011 Technology Updates; Freshman Update; Enrollment Updates; Second Bachelor’s Policy; Presidential Interval; Phone Protocol, Discussion; Student Dismissals; Unauthorized Purchases, A review; Other Matters.
06/08/2011 Technology Updates; Freshman Update; Enrollment Updates; Usage of Royalties and Faculty Published Texts; Draft for CSU Policy on Minor; Incomplete Grade Policy; Dual Enrollment
05/18/2011 Technology Updates; Freshman Update; Continuation of Discussion Regarding University College Admission; Enrollment Update; Recommendations for Committee to Review Curricula for Senior Thesis; Graduate Thesis
05/04/2011 Technology Updates; Freshman Update; Continuation of Discussion Regarding University College Admission; Enrollment Update; Recommendations for Committee to Review Curricula for Senior Thesis; Graduate Thesis

Enrollment Goals; Student Handbook; Honors Convocation; Underrepresented Groups Report -- IBHE; Program Elimination; Career Development; Mini-Orientation; Sponsored Program; Data Collection Process; Dean Search; Board of Trustees

04/13/2011 Freshman experience; Curricula for Senior Thesis/Research Committee; graduate theses; University College; SPSS training;
04/06/2011 National Library Week; study abroad forms; conflict resolution; Honors College; April 29 fundraiser; honors convocation; career planning and placement; sexual harassment training; enrollment;
03/23/2011 Enrollment goals; revised sick and vacation request forms; test results and time limitations; digital publishing; COB events; audit findings; James Tyree; block scheduling; publicizing searches; sexual assault prevention;
03/02/2011 Honors convocation; program recommendations; Nellie Maynard; personnel action calendar; Board of Trustees report; long range planning; advisor of the year award; student evaluations late to IBHE; Women’s History Month;
02/23/2011 Responding to Student Threats on Campus webinar; deans’ timelines for accreditation; student death policy; Gwendolyn Brooks Writing Competition; civic engagement; NCLEX;
02/16/2011 Legislative and Black Caucus Scholarships; freshman block scheduling; BOG name change; honorary doctorate nomination; game room; Douglas Hall moves; emeritus status; Dr. Bowie retirement; GRE requirement;

Technology Update; Freshman Block Schedule; Enrollment Update; Senior Thesis; ISLs; Intramural Program Request; Honorary Degree Nominations; Disaster Recovery Business Continuity; Dispute Resolution Proposal; Podcasting, Active Directory and Exchange; Dual Enrollment and City Colleges



Technology Update, Freshman Updates and Block Scheduling; Senior Status Updates; Commencement Update; Concession Stands and College Oversight; Freshman Block; Proposed Name Change for Board of Governors Update; Certification for Tutors; Minimum Graduate Faculty Criteria / Thesis Update; Board of Trustee Report

12/08/2010 Technology; freshman block scheduling; senior status; commencement; BOG name change; tutor certification; Akujieze graduate faculty; NCAA certification; enrollment; student handbook;
12/01/2010 Freshman experience and block scheduling; senior status; commencement; concession stands and college oversight; BOG name change; tutor certification; minimum graduate faculty criteria; board of trustee report; NCAA certification;
11/17/2010 Freshman experience; senior status; Cook elevators; commencement; concession stands and college oversight; ZERO CAPP; grant suspension and implications for the university; BOG name change; graduate faculty criteria; unauthorized purchases; summer school budget and faculty rotation; visiting lectures and approval process; student dress code;
11/10/2010 Banner 8 and Oracle 11G; freshman block scheduling; administrative leave reports; reporting locked classrooms; BOG name change; minimum graduate faculty requirements; late travel authorization; summer school; visiting lectures and approval process; LIB study area; General Assembly Scholarships; major grant issues;
11/03/2010 Freshman experience; senior status; academic advising and PINs; minimum graduate faculty; student disability policy; transfer hours; space request for expired grant projects and activities; study areas; advising survey; insurance policy draft; water funds;
10/27/2010 IT; freshman experience; senior status; course scheduling; accomplishments by college; academic advising and PINs; minimum graduate requirements; graduate thesis; student worker performance evaluation; transfer hour guidelines; CSU contracts and reports; dispute resolution;
10/20/2010 Senior status; course scheduling; unauthorized purchase forms; degree requirements; graduate faculty criteria; TLMP research project; KIPI;
10/13/2010 Banner 8 and iPads; block scheduling; senior status; early alert system; enrollment retention and graduation (ERG); 22nd International Conference on College Teaching and Learning; Board of Governors; graduate thesis; CTRE Connections newsletter; KPI; advisor conference;
10/06/2010 Note takers for Abilities Office; early alert system; Sacred 2005; graduate faculty; enrollment; changes to non-traditional degree programs; Amber Pierre
09/29/2010 Banner 8 and iPads; early warning report; active directory; freshman status; senior status; Illinois Articulation Initiative; senior thesis policy; minimum graduation requirements;
09/22/2010 Enrollment; freshman status; advising; senior status; marketing; tutoring resources; enrollment cmte.; senior thesis policy; summer school;
09/08/2010 Enrollment; classroom furniture; freshman experience; senior and certificates; tutoring resource online directory; ERG data analysis; Area 24; iPad distribution;
09/01/2010 Egypt trip; classroom furniture; Thurgood Marshall Leadership Conference; online advisors directory; ACT math score cutoff; student dress code; academic misconduct policies;
08/25/2010 Senior and certificates; freshman experience; Jason Ferguson and Yvonne Harris; enrollment; admissions policy; tutoring resources; student learning objectives; technology update; baccalaureate one-year survey; Area 24; student laureate; Welcome Week
Enrollment; freshman orientation; senior and certificates; freshman experience; iPad training & other IT news; University College Committee presentation; course load CUEs; CAPP; Welcome Week; freshman seminar; radio/TV simulcast;
08/04/2010 Hanover grants; senior and certificates; enrollment; freshman experience; Board of Governors; IBHE program review; CAPP; training for new chairs; grievance process; Welcome Week; radio/TV simulcast; freshman seminar; CSU ID; HLC visit

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