2012-2013 Provost Council Meeting Minutes

Date Topics
7/10/2013 Minutes, Enrollment and IT Updates, Graduate Catalog, Parking Proposal, Senior thesis, Faculty Orientation, Faculty Reception, Fall Convocation, Commencement Committee, Advisors/Ad Hoc Committee Update, Hiring. Grade Submissions, Strategic Planning, Announcements
07/03/2013 Minutes, New Member Introductions, Technology Update, ERG Update, Finance Update, Graduate Catalog Addendum, PME Plan Revisions and Assessment Reports, Intersession Applications, Hiring Preparing for the New Academic Year, Grade Submissions, Course Schedules, Evaluation of Tenured Faculty, External Audit, execution of Contracts/Partnerships, Search Committee Updates, Announcements
06/12/2013 Minutes, Technology Update, ERG, PME Update, Curriculum Update, Student Appeals, University Catalog Update, Other Matters
04/24/2013 Minutes, CSU Shuttle Service, Curriculum Process, Advising, Accreditation Letters, Course Articulations, Honors Convocation and Commencement, Web-Time Entry, Car Rentals, Fiscal Matters, Other Matters
04/17/2013 Minutes, Technology Update, ERG, Senior Thesis, Graduate Programs, Curriculum Forms, Course Articulations, Honors Convocation and Commencement, Other Matters
04/10/2013 Minutes, Technology Updates, ERG, Status of Math 0990 Proposal, Yearlongs and Overrides, Fulbright Campus Representative, Electronic Portfolios, Course Articulations and Transferability, Honors Convocation and Commencement Updates, Assessment Updates, Other Matters.
03/20/2013 Minutes, Technology Update, Math 0990 Proposal, Portfolio Reviews, Course Articulations and Transferability, HLC Update, Honors Convocation and Commencement Update, Course Evaluation Exclusions, Senior Thesis Course, Other Matters
02/27/2013 Minutes, Technology Updates, ERG, Department Chairperson Training, University Budgeting Process and PME, Developing Articulation Agreements, HLC Update, Other Matters.
02/20/2013 Technology Update; Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; Naming Rights Project for CTA 95th Dan Ryan Station; Academic Warnings; Persisters and Graduation Rates; Study Abroad; On-Line Certification Training and Advisor Training for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
02/13/2013 Technology Updates; Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; PMEs and Assessment; Digital Publishing; Unauthorized Purchases and Timely Travel Authorizations; IBHE Updates; Advisor Training for Academic Progress (SAP)
01/30/2013 Minutes, ERG Update, Personnel Action Timetable, Unauthorized Purchases, University Budget Committee Presentation, Advisor Training for SAP, Other Matters
01/23/2013 Course Design Evaluations; Travel Authorizations; E-Book Access; Student Graduate School Test; Student Academic Complaints Reporting; Assessment/PME Facilitator Forms
01/15/2013 Technology; Enrollment Services, Course Evaluations, Wellness Center, Student Complaints, Other Matters
01/09/2013 Technology Update; Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; Academic Calendar; Panic Alarms (Recommendations for Installation); Class Cancellation; Distribution of Draft Master's Thesis/Research/Capstone Matrix; Positive Web Time Entry Reporting -- Reminder; Discussion; Academic Plans for Graduate Students
12/12/2012 Course Evaluations; Ad Astra, Commencement; Program Reviews
 12/05/2012 Academic Calendar; Course Evaluations Update, Advising Suggestions; Final Examinations; Commencement; Ethics Training; Program Accreditation and Budget Transfers; Program Review Update 
 11/28/2012 Technology Update; Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; Access to Banner Advising Modules: Coordination; Advising: Suggestions; Assessment & PME: Status Update; Commencement Update; Reorganization of the Office of Grants and Research Administration [OGRA]; Academic Leadership Meeting 
11/06/2012 Technology Update; Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; Draft Credit Hour Policy: Status; University Catalogs; Assessment & PME Reports: Status Update; Commencement Updates 
10/31/2012 Technology Update; Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; Draft Credit Hour Policy: Status; University Catalogs; Assessment & PME Reports: Status Update; Commencement Updates 
10/24/2012 Technology Update; Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; Draft Credit Hour Policy: Review and Discussion; University Catalogs; Assessment & PME Reports: Status Update; DAC Updates; Commencement Updates 
10/17/2012> Minutes, ERG Update, Program Reviews, Library Hours of Operation/Intersession, DAC Updates, PME, Commencement Countdown, Other Matters
10/10/2012 University Catalogs; DAC Updates, Assessment and PME Reports: Status Update; Draft Credit Hour Policy (Review and Discussion)
10/03/2012 Enrollment, Retention and Graduation; Technology Updates; Graduation Closeouts; Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs; DAC Updates; Presentation; PME; Commencement Updates; Advising Updates 
09/26/2012 Enrollment Update; Technology Update; Assessment Update; Interviewing & Search Committees: Dr. Renee Mitchell; Pool Shut Down: Monique Horton, Ass. Dir. Physical Facilities; CIP Codes; Intersession Update; Year Longs; DACs 
09/12/2012 Enrollment, Retention & Graduation; Technology Updates: [Provost]; Distance Education; Assessment Coordinators; Syllabi and Credit Hour -- Federal and HLC Mandates; Committee Membership Vacancies; CIP Codes and Program Inventories 
09/05/2012 Technology Updates; Enrollment, Retention & Graduation; Strategic Planning; IBHE Updates; Intersession Course Offerings Update; Subcommittees
08/22/2012 Residence Hall Information; Intersession Course Offerings & Submission Deadline; Undergraduate & Graduate Catalogs: Posted; DAC Updates; University Committee Memberships; Illinois Transfer Articulation Panels; Draft Mission Statement: Discussion

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