Summer Bridge

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Summer Bridge 

Known for its small, welcoming class sizes and diverse teaching faculty, Chicago State University is opening its doors to high school and middle school students this summer who want to explore future careers in teaching and business.  CSU is hosting career-exploration programs from our Colleges of Business and Education for three weeks in July

Do you have what it takes to launch the next disruptive start-up like Uber or Discord?  Are you passionate about learning, and want to change lives?  How do you become a successful entrepreneur, or the teacher who makes a difference? CSU’s Summer Bridge programs for high school and middle school students bring together a diverse community of learners who benefit from our experienced, diverse university faculty. Spend three weeks with our faculty this summer and learn about future careers in teaching, business, and entrepreneurship.









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Summer Bridge To Teaching

12 Days  Mon to Thur Class Versions

July 12-15

July 19-22

July 26-29

9am to Noon

9am to Noon

9am to Noon

(Middle School) pdf Flyer

(High School) pdf Flyer

Are you eager to learn? Are you passionate about transforming lives? This virtual camp is designed to introduce middle and high school students to the profession of teaching.  This is a great way to gain exposure to the benefits of teaching and requirements for becoming a teacher.  Students will participate in simulation activities in order to see what it is really like to be a teacher.  Engage with faculty from CSU’s College of Education on learning standards, the use of technology in learning, games to accelerate learning, and discover how to be an educational leader at any age.

Practicing teachers will lead daily camp activities aligned to the Educator Rising Standards.

Why become a teacher?


Summer Bridge To Business & Entrepreneurship

9 Days Mon, Wed, Thur  Class

July 12, 14, 15

July 19, 21, 22

July 26, 28, 29

 9am to Noon

 9am to Noon

 9am to Noon

High School  


Our Summer Bridge to Business and Entrepreneurship program for high school students will introduce participants to the basics of business strategy, planning, and building new ventures. How are successful businesses developed? What do I need to know about launching a start-up?  How are neighborhoods affected by the presence—or absence—of businesses? Learn about entrepreneurship and business in a fun, interactive program with real world case studies and panel discussions with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

This is a great opportunity to be exposed to the benefits of entrepreneurship, requirements to establish a business, and meet business professionals.  Students will be introduced to emerging industries, and learn how technology and innovation contribute to entrepreneurship. They will meet with industry leaders who will share their experiences and insights, including advice they wished they had when heading to college. Students in the program will gain an understanding of financial literacy, and how entrepreneurship promotes quality of life in our neighborhoods, cities, and the world. 

Come to CSU this summer to explore what business entrepreneurship can lead you to!  No prior knowledge or experience is required—all high school students are welcomed!


Why go into business?  



$297 for 3 weeks


Payment Methods   Mon through Fri 8:30am to 5pm

Credit Card

by Phone

Call (773) 995-2029

Cash, Check or Credit Card

In Person*

Cashiers office

Cook Administration Building

ADM 211

We accept: 


 mastercard mastercardmastercard 

 *Due to Covid-19 we prefer you pay by phone, and avoid paying a $3 parking fee. Should you decide to come to campus please bring a mask and practice social distancing while.



Your parents approval is needed for this course.




A: A computer or tablet with camera and microphone with a zoom account registered in student's name.
A: The classes are a great way to get your students ready for their journey into college. Though they do not accumulate credit hours, a certificate of completion wil be provided to all students who attend and participate.

A: The sessions are divided into 2 categories

High School: Freshman to Seniors

Middle School: 6th to 8th grade

A: Coming Soon

A: If there are not enough students you wil be refunded the full amount.  A check will be sent to your home address.There is no risk to you for enrolling.

A: They are enrolled in the Middle School class.


Should you have additional questions please email: or call 773-995-2513.