Project Overview

cjThe goal of state level Teacher Quality Enhancement grants are to improve teacher quality through certification standards, accountability, alternative pathways, and teacher shortage initiatives. Our Teacher Quality Enhancement Middle School Project was initially funded by the United States Department of Education and matched by the State of Illinois between 2000 and 2006. Ongoing activities to sustain the project continues to be supported by the State of Illinois, Chicago State University and TQE partners.

The goals of the TQE MIDS Project are to:

1. a standards-based middle grades teacher preparation program.

2. ...develop faculty expertise in curriculum innovation and web-based design.

3. ...innovate strategic models for attracting more teachers, especially in urban and rural areas.

4. ...increase accessibility via a variety of delivery options.

Major TQE Initiatives include:

  1. ...alignment between the newly developed and highly qualified and accredited middle school elementary education initial certification undergraduate, post-baccalaureate and graduate level programs with the curriculum of our community college partners and university transfer systems.
  2. ...the creation of web-enhanced professional development content modules for teachers and teacher candidates at the middle level.
  3. ...supporting the development and implementation of the associate of arts in teaching degree; including transfer guides for AAT degree candidates considering a seamless transfer into the CSU College of Education upon admission to the university. The work to promote a seamless transfer has beneficially impacted all majors in the university.
  4. ...capstone curriculum development projects for community college (CC) and university faculty partners such as the Cougar Academy for Teachers (CATs) Institute.
  5. ...systemic mentorship programs in which lead TQE Partners mentor higher education faculty (University/CC). These faculty mentor teachers and teacher candidates at CSU and our CC partner insititutions. The teacher candidates as Future Teachers Club members mentor K-12 students through the Cougar Academy for Teachers (CATs) Institute and tutor through the CATS Homework Club. Finally, the CATs Scholars are involved in peer tutoring programs.
  6. ...opportunities for community college faculty partners to develop new content and technology expertise and to grow into leadership roles through TQE and CTL-SMT workshops and institutes.