CSU Social Security Number Information

We are pleased to announce that effective in March 2007, Chicago State University is implementing the first phase of a policy designed to ensure the privacy and proper use of the Social Security Number. The primary purpose of this Social Security Number Policy is to ensure that the necessary procedures and awareness exist to comply with both the letter and the spirit of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and Privacy Act of 1974.

In the initial phase, all currently active faculty, staff, and students (enrolled during the past two years) will be assigned a Chicago State University ID (UID). After the conversion to the generated University ID number takes place, a notice will be sent containing your individually assigned UID and a sticker/label to be affixed to your current cougar One ID card. In this way, your ID card can still be used as before. Your UID number can be used to access CSU Xpress as well as other areas that previously required use of your Social Security Number. The unique UID may be used across systems, applications and business processes throughout the lifetime of an individual’s relationship with Chicago State University. For instance, an individual may start out as a student, return a few years later as an employee, decide to complete his/her Doctorate Degree, and return again years later as a faculty member all using the same UID.

The University will still collect Social Security Numbers for services such as those relating to employment and student financial aid administration. For example, a valid SSN will be required for all applicants to begin the hiring process, and for all students at the time of application to the University. The Social Security Number will be changed to a UID for all new employees as soon as possible after they are hired. The Social Security Number for students will be changed to a UID at the time of their initial registration.

Also refer to the CSU Homepage (www.csu.edu) for the link to provide further details on the UID policy.

The policy to implement the use of an assigned number helps to ensure SSN will be treated as a confidential piece of information.

Contact Numbers:

CSU Employees: 773-995-2040
CSU Students: 773-995-2522
Restricted Use of SSNs

March, 2007