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The expectations are high for students at Chicago State University, and one student who is meeting and exceeding those expectations is 4th Year College of Pharmacy Student Bernice Man, who was recently honored with the American Society... more >>
The Chicago State University Information Studies Department is pleased to announce a new Masters of Science in Technology and Performance Improvement Studies (MS-TPIS) online degree program which starts fall 2015... more >>
Chicago State University recently announced it will be a participating member of the Chicago Leadership Collaborative (CLC). The CLC is a partnership between selective principal preparation programs and Chicago Public Schools to identify... more >>
Chicago State University, the oldest public university in Illinois, proudly announced a new partnership with The John Marshall Law School that will offer CSU pre-law students a "3+3" Accelerated Law School Admissions program... more >>
Chicago State University's record of academic excellence provided by world-class instructors received another independent verification recently when CSU's own Dr.Coleman... more >>
Dr. Karel Jacobs!
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