Chicago State University

The Graduate Faculty

Chicago State University has an outstanding, nationally-recruited, graduate faculty. Graduate faculty members hold the doctorate degree and possess numerous research and publication credits. While the faculty's primary focus is on the teaching and learning process, the faculty also are engaged in significant scholarly, creative, and public service activities. Select departments have developed a very broad base of external research support. Professional recognition has come through books, journal articles published, presentations, and offices held in professional associations. Our dynamic faculty stand at the forefront of the profession they serve. They are dedicated to a program of the highest quality. This dedication along with their cooperative spirit have fueled a superior level of productivity. CSU faculty are different from most other universities in the way they teach. They have a long tradition of respecting the rights of individuals to freedom of expression.

In keeping these traditions, CSU encourages the publishing of home pages by the faculty. The opinions expressed on these home pages reflect those of the authors. We hope you find these pages interesting and informative. We believe they reflect the individualism and the respect for difference that characterizes the university.

University Services

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The overall purpose of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to oversee faculty, staff and student research that involves human subjects. The interest of the IRB is to protect the welfare of participants by weighing the gains from the research against the potential for harm to the subjects.  The Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides an impartial look at the risk analysis. For more information about the Institutional Review Board at Chicago State University, click here to access the IRB website.

For information about the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and the Radiation Safety Office, please contact the Department of Biological Sciences: Williams Science Center, Room 310. Tel: (773) 995-2183/2184

Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides assistance for faculty, staff and students seeking external funding to enhance the research, public service, and instructional climate at the university. Trained staff distribute information about possible funding, conduct training workshops to facilitate proposal development, preparation, and budgetary service. In summary, the activities are developing system rules and regulations, record keeping fiscal accountability, interpreting federal regulations and assessing the university's capabilities for sponsored programs and matching the university's strategic plan with the direction of sponsored programs and research services on campus. For more information, begin here.