Ready...Or Not So Much: Introverts Return to the Office

In light of all the changes surrounding COVID-19, and recognizing that many of us are returning to the office full or part-time in the coming weeks, this discussion will focus on how those with a preference for introversion prepare, manage, set expectations, set boundaries, and proudly honor our differences in the extroverted world where we live. Introverts have unique fears about returning to the office during COVID-19.  Additionally, many introverts may be experiencing measurable anxiety about returning to the work environment after being home for over a year - working virtually and very comfortably - in their own specially curated spaces.

Sharing their own experiences, panelists Keni Dominguez, Darrious Hilmon, Cynthia Pong, Michael R. Segovia, Melanie Silas and Christina Steed will unpack the unique set of challenges…and opportunities facing introverts as we collectively make our return to ‘normal-adjacent’ life, providing insight, support and tips for successfully navigating the return to the office in this conversation moderated by Jeri Bingham.

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