Strategic Plan (2020 - 2025)

On December 2019, The Chicago State University Board of Trustees approved the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

As the University works to reach higher levels in all aspects of teaching and learning, we recognize that our human capital is the key to propelling this exceptional academic institution and its constituents to levels of success.


Chicago State University will be recognized for innovations in teaching and research, community development and civic engagement. We will promote excellence, ethical leadership, entrepreneurship, and social and environmental justice. We will embrace, engage, educate, propel and elevate our students and community to transform lives locally and globally.


Chicago State University transforms students’ lives by innovative teaching, research, and community partnerships through excellence in ethical leadership, cultural enhancement, economic development, and justice.


  • Personal and academic excellence
  • Personal, professional and academic integrity
  • Diversity, Equity, and inclusion
  • Leadership, service, philanthropy, social justice, and entrepreneurship
  • Creative and innovative thinking and learning
  • Pride in self, community, and the university
  • Lifelong learning
Strategic Goals & Objectives
Goal 1 Academic Excellence, Innovation and Student Transformation
A positive student experience and transformation will be at the center of decision making. Strengthen the institutional policies and structures that support and enhance academic innovation in undergraduate, graduate and professional studies; support student/faculty research and foster faculty and staff development. 

Goal 1 Objectives

  1. Develop and implement a five-year strategic plan for undergraduate and graduate programs that aligns with workforce demands and the changing higher education landscape
  2. Engage all students in program and campus activities that promote readiness for the workplace, advanced study, or research and lifelong learning 
  3. Implement and sustain financial, structural, and other substantive support for faculty research, scholarship, professional development, continuing education, and active engagement in professional organizations

Goal 2 Student Enrollment, Retention and Graduation
Develop and implement recruitment, retention and progression strategies that seeks to encourage innovative and collaborative efforts between academic and non-academic units in efforts to ensure student success in the various programs of study.

Goal 2 Objectives
  1. Identify, enhance, and expand partnerships with local schools and community organizations to increase enrollment
  2. Effectively implement, sustain use of CRM to use and develop human capital and technology   
  3. Assess and increase the diversification of enrollment and enrollment criteria. Identify new markets and enrollment criteria to diversify student population
  4. Annually evaluate and modify 25% of course delivery systems to meet student needs
  5. Develop and effectively communicate requirements for successful progression, retention, and timely degree completion to increase 6-year graduation rate 
Goal 3 University Culture, Climate and Accountability 
Create, communicate, and sustain an inclusive and welcoming university climate that fosters an institution that is ethically and socially responsible.
Goal 3 Objectives
  1. Enhance and develop excellent service for customer satisfaction 
  2. Implement  branding and marketing of CSU that recognizes distinctive programs and experiences at CSU 
  3. Maintain  processes that encourage and promote shared governance 
  4. Create a process that measures and maintains a professional and satisfactory work environment
Goal 4 Strengthened Infrastructure
Improve and maintain the physical, technological and operational infrastructures that support all functions of the University.
Goal 4 Objectives
  1. Develop and implement a systematic plan that defines annual upgrades to campus facilities and space to support teaching, scholarship, and creative activities 
  2. Develop and implement a systematic plan that defines annual upgrades to technology capabilities of the University. Evaluate and upgrade systems annually to enhance and maintain the safety of the campus community
  3. Develop and implement a systematic plan for annual upgrades for healthy and environmentally sustainable buildings
Goal 5 Cost Efficiencies and Diverse Revenue Streams
Ensure the University has the resources to support the academic mission and student experience.
Goal 5 Objectives
  1. Create and implement a comprehensive five-year financial plan that supports the mission of the University and improves cost efficiencies
  2. Increase the culture of giving and fundraising among all CSU stakeholders
  3. Increase fiscal literacy among the faculty, staff and students 
  4. Establish partnerships with local schools, educational entities, and local park districts to increase enrollment and certificate options   
  5. Identify and expand year over year the revenue sources in the departments and service units across campus
Goal 6 Community Service, Urban Leadership and Economic Engagement
Create partnerships, engage and assist our local community through service, urban leadership, economic development activities, and mutually beneficial partnerships.
Goal 6 Objectives
  1. Increase university-wide service activities of employees and students 
  2. Engage community leaders and promote equity, educational and economic opportunities in support of CSU mission 
  3. Through the Center for Solutions of Urban Populations, increase educational outcomes, improve health and well-being, and address disparity issues