Scholarship Gala

Chicago State University has created an intentional campus community that provides a suite of wraparound cognitive and non-cognitive supports designed to propel the success of first-generation students from diverse populations. More than 60% of CSU scholars are the first in their families to attend college, and 78% are Black or Latinx.

The greatest roadblock to first-gen college success isn’t the lack of talent, or desire, but the lack of financial resources. The CSU 1stGEN/Rise Scholarship Fund will be used to help remove that barrier.

Together, we can—and will—deliver life transforming educational opportunities to youth who need and deserve the runway to soar. On behalf of the Chicago State University President Zaldwaynaka ‘Z’ Scott, Esq., gala Chair Andre Baker and honorary gala Co-Chairs Jim & Sandy Reynolds, Munson & Christina Steed, Liz & Don Thompson, and Andy & Bill Zopp Thank you for your support of Chicago’s future leaders.