Please print the form, obtain all the signatures required and then submit to the Office of Records and Registration in the Cook Administration Building, Room 128 for processing.  Majority of the forms, if not all, will not be available at our front counter.


Course Request

Completed for course creation and updates for the new term designated.

Course Authorization Change Form

Completed for all additions, changes and cancellations for the term designated.

Instructor Change

Completed for assigned Instructor(s) changes only for the term designated.

Course Adjustment Form

After completing this form, print and submit to ADM 128.



Required form for students who would like to petition for administrative withdrawal or other registration modifications due to extenuating circumstances within 60 days of the term’s end date. With each petition, students are required to submit evidence of the circumstance and/or proof of attendance/grade from each instructor (if required).

Change of Schedule - Reinstatement | Add/Drop

Required for students who would like to make schedule changes for the term identified (dropped/ withdrawal changes will be processed with the date of submission as the effective date.)

  • Reinstatement: this form is required for students who were administratively dropped from a course(s).
  • Add/Drop: this form is required for students who would like to add and/or drop classes without academic penalty according to the deadline dates published in the term academic calendar.
 Name | Social Security Number/DOB | Address & Phone Number
  • Name: Required for students who need to make updates/changes to their official name. Official documentation is needed before requests are processed.
  • Social Security Number/Date of Birth: Required for students who need to make updates/changes to their Social Security Number and/or date of birth. Additional official documentation is required before requests are processed.

CSU has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verification. National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at:

  • Web: or
  • Fax: (703) 742-4239
  • E-mail:
  • Mail: National Student Clearinghouse; 13454 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300 Herndon, VA 20171

Students who need a written statement of their enrollment status at CSU or their graduation date must complete and submit the enrollment verification form and provide a valid photo ID to request a verification. Some requests will require a $4.00 processing fee.

Graduation Application

Required for Undergraduate students who plan to complete degree requirements for the specified term. The graduation application must be submitted by the announced deadline published each term in the General Information Document.

Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Request

Completed by Undergraduate students who would like to have a diploma mailed and/or to request a replacement diploma.

Exception to the University Policy

Completed by Undergraduate students who would like to request permission to take a course(s) at another school while enrolled at Chicago State University, and/or to request an exception to a university academic policy or procedure.

Required form for CSU students to grant consent to release education records including but not limited to student file, enrollment, grades, discipline, and financial records to a third party.

Required form for CSU students who would like to submit a request for a grade of Incomplete. The process is initiated by the student and must be submitted to the instructor in writing, using the Incomplete Grade Request and Contract. Instructor must submit the completed form to

Undergraduate students who would like to request curriculum changes to their academic record. Complete to add, delete, or change a major, minor or concentration. Please note that all major changes and additions require advisors' signatures. Advisor signatures are not required to delete or add a minor.

Please note: To be processed for the current semester, Major/Minor Change Form must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Office of Records and Registration BEFORE the “last day of the Add/Drop Period.” Approved changes received AFTER the “last day of the Add/Drop Period” of the term will be processed for the following semester.

A Major/Minor Change Form will not be processed after a degree or credential has been awarded.

Provide students to select a “Pass/Non=Pass (P/NP)) grading option after consultation with their academic advisor and the Office of Financial Aid.  Given that grade point average influences admission requirements to professional programs, graduate school admission and other financial resources, the student must discuss the impact of the option prior to submitting the request. Once the grade option has been changed, it cannot be reversed.

Submit form to the Registrar's Office by the student, prevents the University from disclosing any information about the student to the public, except only certain organizations with a legal right to such information.
CSU students who would like to apply for university administered and/or constructed qualifying examinations.

Please note: Proficiency examinations may be taken for credit in accordance with regulations (see CSU’s catalog for additional information). The grade in the proficiency examination is Pass or Fail.

Required form for Undergraduate students who have not attended Chicago State University for longer than two years; they must apply for readmission.