COVID-19 Update


CSU Campus

CSU 2020 Fall Operations with COVID-19 Precautions

Learn Online
Teach Online

As outlined in our Operating Plan, instruction in the Fall semester will be a blend of in-person, online, hybrid, or in an e-learning format. All CSU courses are available through Moodle.

CSU is protecting our community’s health while also providing an excellent learning environment. We continue to offer our student services, all you have to do is call in advance to make an appointment and follow social distancing guidelines.

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COVID-19 Positive Cases for Students, Faculty, & Staff on CSU’s Campus

Cases in the Current Week: 10/16/20 Cumulative Cases (Since 8/24/20)
1 Employees positive 5 Employees positive
0 Students positive 0 Students positive

Number of Isolation Beds Used: 0

Date Last Updated: 10/16/20

Data Details:

The data reflects cases reported to CSU from our students, faculty, and staff who have visited the campus within two weeks of receiving a positive test. The data reflects positive cases since Fall Semester classes started on August 24, 2020.