Warning System

The Early Alert Academic Warning System is an early intervention activity that identifies students who are performing below "C" level in their classes. Faculty will alert students to the problems preventing them from succeeding in their classes by submitting academic warnings.

When are warnings issued?

Academic Warnings are issued during the 4th Week, 8th Week, and 12th Week of the semester.

How do I check my warnings?

Students must log into Cougar Connect, select CSU express menu, and then click on academic warnings.

Codes Meaning
LP Limited Progress
LPD Limited Progress "D"
LPF Limited Progress "F"
MA Missing Assignments
MC Missed Classes
ME Missing Exams or Quizzes
MAC Missing Class & Assignments
MAE Missed Assignments & Exams
MACE Missing Assignments, Classes, Exams
SP Satisfactory Progress


What happens if I receive a warning?

Freshmen are notified by their advisors if they receive academic warnings. Students are required to meet with their advisor if they receive the following warnings: LPD and LPF.