Matching Gifts

Matching gift benefits can double, sometimes triple, the impact of your gift. Use the matching gift look up tool to find out if your employer offers matching gifts.

Many matching gift policies include retirees, employee spouses, board members, and officers, so inquire about eligibility.

How to secure a matching gift

If your employer offers matching gifts, request a matching gift form, which is often available through Human Resources. 

Some companies require that employees make their gifts via corporate intranet sites. This information and links are available through the matching gift lookup tool.  If your employer requests a TIN (taxpayer identification number), please use TIN for gifts to any part of the Chicago State University.

Send the completed and signed form to the University along with your gift. The Foundation's staff will handle the rest.

If you have already made your gift, it may not be too late to qualify for matching dollars this year. Send a completed matching gift form to