Deduction Method

Payroll Contribution: There are many ways to donate to Chicago State University (University), including credit card, check, stock, and cash; however, giving through recurring payroll deduction is the most effective.

Fees are applied when you donate via credit card or check, so less of your donation actually goes to the University. By giving through recurring or one-time payroll deduction, your donation is automatically deducted from your paycheck, there are no extra fees and you do not need an acknowledgement from the Chicago State Foundation (Foundation) in order to claim your tax deduction (unless you contribute $250 or more from a single paycheck – in this case the Foundation will provide you with the necessary documents).

Recurring payroll deduction allows you to spread your pledge over the course of a year, in smaller, more financially manageable amounts to be deducted from your paycheck.

Payroll Deduction

Employees of Chicago State University can make their contributions through automatic deductions from their paychecks.