Chicago State University dedicates considerable resources to the continued development of a culture of student learning and of excellence in academic Curriculumassessment. All academic programs follow a regular process of faculty-driven assessment, using results of multiple assessment instruments (direct and indirect) to inform program improvements and to enhance student learning. Non-instructional programs also prepare unit assessment plans that incorporate processes of continuous change and quality improvement.

CSU has continued to place considerable emphasis on advancing and documenting its academic quality and assessment efforts. Pursuit of excellence in assessment includes the validation of all academic programs either by means of accreditation reviews or other required program reviews performed to meet Illinois Board of Higher Education cyclical program review requirements, those of external accreditation agencies, and those of the program missions themselves.

The Office of Academic Affairs works on behalf of the Provost to coordinate curriculum assessment on campus. University Coordinators for academic programs, general education courses, and cocurricular activities, work directly with individual faculty and staff coordinators in these three areas to conduct assessment reports on student learning and to provide data that will inform future improvement.

The Office of Academic Affairs also promotes ongoing support and guidance for the assessment of student learning through shared resources, fall and spring assessment conferences for coordinators, and feedback on assessment reports.

Our goals are to document student learning throughout our campus, provide support for our assessment coordinators, and use assessment reports to foster a campus culture of continuous learning and improvement.


Plan of Assessment: To ensure that student learning outcomes for each program are met, an assessment plan has been created through a full multi-year program cycle. The assessment plan works around three important learning domains:

  1. Student learning - Program expectations and outcome
  2. Markers to identify whether learning outcomes are met
  3. Use of the assessment tool to enhance students learning

The assessment plan outlines clear learning outcomes and their measurements that allow us to answer these questions in a continuous fashion.