The Journey to Your Career...

Discovering your career path is about more than simply finding a job or internship.  It’s about finding your own unique path, and the Career Development Center is here to partner with you on your exploration and search. 

Career paths traditionally imply vertical growth or advancement to higher-level positions, but they can also entail lateral movement within or across industries.  Each path can be slightly different for each person, depending on how long you need to take to get to your goals, or if you change your goals along the way.

At the heart of a career path is the fact that you’ll be changing jobs from time to time. The average person changes jobs 10 to 15 times during their career and sometimes those changes will involve different types of positions in different industries. Some career paths have a few ups and downs and, in fact, some people even plan a move down the career ladder.

For example, people who are midlife-career changers may need to go down a level or two from where they were, so they can get the training and experience they need to move back up the ladder.

Whichever way a career path takes someone, it’s designed to provide increased satisfaction of a worker's career values and needs by targeting a series of jobs designed to get them to his or her career goal. Job satisfaction is one major key to a happy and long career.

Whatever your next step, be it graduate school, your dream job, or just the first of many next steps, we are here to work with you to develop a career plan and get you...COUGAR READY!

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