Master of Science in Education, Physical Education

Online MS Ed in Physical Education (Grades K-12) Program

The Department of Health Education, Physical Education and Recreation offers a Master of Science in Education degree in Physical Education. Completion of the master’s degree program does not lead to teacher licensure.

The program affords an opportunity for continuing education in physical education beyond the bachelor’s degree, particularly for teachers and others in the fields of health and safety education, physical education, and recreation. The physical education program is accredited by the National Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE).

General Requirements

Students are responsible for meeting the program and College requirements in effect at the time they officially register in a program leading to educator licensure at Chicago State University, regardless of when they were admitted to the university.

  • Admission to the program is contingent upon good academic standing and acceptance by the department.
  • Current teaching license in any content area.
  • No more than six semester hours from other universities are accepted as transfer credits.
  • Completion of a minimum of thirty-four credit hours at the graduate level.
  • Completion of all degree requirements within six years.
  • A full academic schedule of courses for graduate students is nine semester credit hours.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made only with the approval of the department.
  • All master’s degree requirements must be completed within six years.

NOTE:  Candidates must abide by all College policies stated in this catalog, unless exceptions or adherence to higher expectations are noted in program documentation.

Specific Requirements

Thesis Option (34 credit hours)

Required Courses /25 credit hours, 3 credit hours of electives, and 6 credit hours of thesis. The elective course must be selected from physical education elective courses only.

Core: ED 5960/PE 5000; PE 5030, 5032, 5090, 5150, 5160, 5230, 5406, 5950

Electives: PE 5034, 5050, 5255

Thesis: PE 5910

Capstone Option (34 credit hours)

Required core of 25 credit hours, 6 hours of selective electives, and 3 credit hours of

capstone project. No more than one health course may be used as an elective in this option.

 Core: ED 5960/PE 5000; PE 5030; 5032, 5090; 5150; 5160; 5230; 5406, 5950

Electives: PE 5034, 5050, 5255; HS 5010, 5020, 5030, 5050, 5060, 5070,

5080, 5400, 5420, 5440, 5500, 5560, 5570, 5600, 5620, 5630 (only one health course may be taken as electives)

Capstone: PE 5240, 5250, and 5260

For More Information Contact:

Dr. Sarah Buck

JDC 220

Phone: (773)995-3651