Physical Education

Why Study Physical Education?

Physical activity (along with nutrition) has been recognized by the medical community as the most important preventative to illness and injury that negatively affect both the quality and longevity of one's life. As a physical education teacher you have the unique opportunity to guide young people through developmentally appropriate activities that will instill the knowledge of the benefits of physical activity and teach the skills inherent in the games, contests and activities that will allow them to realize the benefits.

Teaching physical education is a service profession, an area of our economy that has been projected by the Department of Labor for continued and unprecedented growth for the next five years. It is also part of the ever expanding sport and fitness sector, a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Contrary to popular belief employment opportunities are bright. In fact, every graduate from the physical education program at Chicago State University that has sought employment over the past ten years has been gainfully employed.

How Do I Know If Physical Education Is Right For Me?

  • Do you enjoy working with others who are dedicated to serving youth?
  • Would you like to make our world a better place to live?
  • Do you take pride in helping and seeing people succeed?
  • Do you like working with young people in a fun environment?
  • Do you enjoy being physically fit and would you like to help others become fit?
  • Do you enjoy participation and competing in sports and would you like to help others realize this enjoyment?
  • Would you like to contribute to the wellness of others and help them experience more quality in their lives and live longer?
  • Would you like to contribute to a change in another's ability to perform and witness the changes in personality that accompany this?

If these seem like things you would be interested in and you could dedicate yourself to the challenge of preparing for, and making it happen... the undergraduate program in physical education at Chicago State University may be the place for you!

Course of Study

The professional program of study is designed to prepare graduates for a career in teaching physical education K-12 upon completion of the program. Students qualify for an initial Type 03 Certificate and an initial Type 09 High School Certificate, each endorsed in physical education for grades K-9 and 9-12. Students may attach any endorsement (e.g., health, driver's ed).

General Education (40 Hours)
Composition (6 hours)
ENG 1270 3 cred. Composition I
ENG 1280 3 cred. Composition II
Foreign Langauge (6 hours): In Sequence
Elective 3 cred.  
Elective 3 cred.  
Math (3 hours)
MATH 1010 3 cred. Concepts I
Humanities (6 hours)
CMAT 1130 3 cred. Basic Speech Commun
Art 2150 3 cred. Survey Wmn Artists
Physical and Life Sciences (10 hours)

(Must take at least one laboratory course)
BIOL 1080 3 cred. Biol. Sc. Survey II
ZOOL 2050 4 cred. Hum.Functional Anatomy
PH S Elective 3 cred.  
Social Sciences (9 hours)
POLS 1010 3 cred. Amer. Nat’l Govt.
PYSC 1100 3 cred. Intro Pysch
PSYC 2040 3 cred. Psyc Childhd & Adol
Core Requirements (53 Hours)
HS 1575 3 cred. First Aid
HS 2200 3 cred. Personal Health & Wellness
PE 2010 2 cred. Hist. & Phil of PE
PE 2070 3 cred. Tech. for PE & Rec Prof.
PE 2080 1 cred. Nontrad Activities
PE 2130 1 cred. Tumbling & Gymnastics
PE 2140 2 cred. Mvmnt. Conc. & Dance
PE 2360 2 cred. Aquatics for PE and Rec Prof.
PE 2380 2 cred. Lifetime Sports
PE 2390 2 cred. Team Sports
PE 2500 2 cred. Assessment in PE
PE 2610 2 cred. Principles of Physical Fitness
PE 2611 2 cred. Principles of Group Exercise
PE 2620 3 cred. Intro to Exercise
PE 2363 4 cred. Motor Learning & Development
PE 3010 3 cred. Applied Biomechanics
PE 4022 3 cred. Meas. & Eval in PE
PE 3030 3 cred. Physiology of Exercise
PE 3280 3 cred. Psycho-Social Aspects of Sports
PE 3520 2 cred. Curriculum Design in PE
HPR 2500 3 cred. Organ & Admin of HPER
REC 2300 3 cred. Outdoor Rec & Team Building
Act Elect 1 cred.  

In addition to the core requirements, 34 credit hours of professional education is also required, including courses in Educational Psychology; Physical Education; Reading; Special Education; and Student Teaching, which is 6 credit hours (one semester, full days).

For More Information Contact

Debra Nelson, Director, Undergraduate Physical Education

Department of SEPR, JDC 221

Chicago, IL 60628

Phone: 773.821.2827