Welcome to Center for STEM Education and Research (CSER)

 About CSER 

The Center for Science, Technology, Education, Math (STEM), Education and Research is located on the campus of Chicago State University (CSU) and designed to provide support and programming in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for CSU and the surrounding community. 

CSER strives to broaden the participation and increase the pipeline of underrepresented students entering STEM studies and professions by providing mentoring, professional development, and increasing community building opportunities and educational services while motivating students, faculty and the community to pursue career in the STEM fields. 

As a part of this effort we highlight and recognize exceptional STEM  students, faculty and staff nominated by their peers through our Faculty/Staff and Student of the month recognition program. 

What is STEM? 

STEM is an acronym for the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The STEM initiative focuses on increasing interest and participation in these fields of study, creating the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers. The goal is to produce a talent pool of students who are “STEMISTS” equipped with the skills ready to embark on 21st century careers with global outreach. CSER is proud to provide educational support, research opportunities and skill building programs designed to impact underrepresented minorities as they pursue degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and math fields.