Resources for Women

Being a student can be difficult and time-consuming.  The roles that women take on at school may include being enrolled in multiple classes, engaging in clubs and sports, professional development opportunities, and establishing life in a new environment.  However, these are not the only roles women have.  Many women engage in outside employment, are caring for loved ones, and parenting children. In this section you will find resources to equip women with knowledge, resources and support.

Resources Links

  1. A Long Walk Home
  2. Chicago Foundation for Women
  3. Chicago's Women's Health Center
  4. Deborah's Place
  5. Family Focus
  6. Federal Resources for Women
  7. Gender Equality & Women's Rights
  8. Healthy Families Illinois
  9. Metropolitan Family Services
  10. New Moms Group
  11. Planned Parenthood
  12. South Chicago Parents & Friends
  13. Step Up
  14. Unity Parenting & Counseling
  15. Women's Business Development Center
  16. Women Employed
  17. Women Made Gallery
  18. Women Rise Chicago
  19. Women Unite