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What is KUVRR?

KuvrrKUVRR (pronounced as cov-er) is the new Chicago State University safety App and Platform, being deployed to better serve the safety and crisis management needs of our students, faculty, administration, staff and visitors.

KUVRR is providing the CSU campus community with a wide range of safety benefits:


  • Activate an SOS Alert from your mobile phone, providing live streaming audio & video to the Chicago State University Police, along with your location, delivering key intelligence to CSU Police. 
  • Engage in real-time two -way chat with CSU Police.
  • Powerful Safe Walk feature lets you live stream video & audio to the CSU Police to monitor your movement in real-time and take appropriate action if you are in trouble. 
  • An expanded geo-fence designed to allow CSU  Police to receive alerts from Students, Faculty and Staff at the 95th Street CTA Terminal and Metra stop just east of campus.
  • Immediate campus-wide 2-way polling in the event of an emergency. 
  • Campus emergency response plans by emergency type are at your fingertips.
  • Maps of each campus building  are quickly accessible on the App.
  • Comprehensive anonymous crime tips feature – See something, let CSU Police investigate!
  • Rapid Mass Notifications sent simultaneously by robocall, text, email an in-App message.
  • And, much more!
KUVRR’s intuitive features make it easy to raise an SOS Alert, Dial Smart 911, request a Safe Walk, report a Crime Tip or access key information to use during an emergency. Activate Kuvrr with three easy steps:
  1. Download the app on your mobile phone
  2. Launch it and sign-in with your mobile # 
  3. Instantly receive a safety code on your mobile. Enter the code to activate Kuvrr on your mobile phone

Please visit the Google Play or Apple App Store & download "Safety Kuvrr". 



A: We respect your personal privacy and are committed to adhering to federal , state and local privacy laws and industry guidelines in order to protect you and your identity. ArmourGrid DOES NOT SELL or provide your data to any third-party vendors. Please be sure to read our entire Privacy Policy before using, submitting, or uploading information or material to our sites.
A: As part of the registration process, you will be asked to provide information including, but not limited to, a phone number, an e-mail address, your name, one or more contact phone numbers and contact information for your designated recipients. From time-to-time, Kuvrr may include functionality that permits you to provide profile information that may be accessible by recipients that you designate and applicable emergency responders. This profile information may include, but is not limited to: height, weight, personal photos, emergency contact information, allergies, medical conditions, disabilities, vehicle information, and other information that may be of assistance to people responding to incidents you report through Safety Kuvrr. You may also have the ability to submit free texts, which includes other information that does not specifically fall within categories offered by Safety Kuvrr account management tools.

When you use Kuvrr, we will not collect any of the foregoing personally identifiable information about you unless you provide it to us voluntarily. When you create your personal vault of information, you will be asked for both personal and demographic information, some of which is required in order to complete the registration.

A: Simply put, the more personal details you provide, the more critical information you provide, the more intelligence Chicago State University Police will have when responding to your emergency alert. Ultimately it is up to your how much information you decide to share.
A: You are not tracked without your knowledge. KUVRR will track your location when you activate an emergency alert or request a safe walk, so that CSU Police can come to your rescue whenever appropriate.

A: There are many potential reasons this may occur. Please provide our help desk at kuvrrme@kuvrr.com with a summary of the issues you are experiencing and the make and model of your mobile device.

A: No. The Chicago State University Police will be immediately notified and take appropriate actions
A: To provide greater safety to the CSU campus community, Chicago State University Police will be notified if you raise an alert at the 95th Street CTA Station or at the Metra Station just east of the CSU campus. Otherwise, when you are off campus, Chicago State University Police will not be notified, however, your emergency contact will receive notification if your raise an emergency alert or call Smart 911.
A: Yes, enabling WiFi whenever available on the CSU campus will improves the accuracy of your geo location.
A: Kuvrr asks you to add personal contact so that they may be immediately notified if you are both on-campus or off-campus and raise an alert, dial Smart 911 or request a Safe Walk.
A: However, we recommend that you enable your location. Doing so allows Chicago State University Police to identify where you are if you raise an emergency alert or run into trouble during a safe walk and more quickly come to your assistance.


Have a question not answered in the FAQ? Email us at kuvrrme@kuvrr.com