Club Advisors

A significant amount of research has been done to show that the student’s experience outside of the classroom can often times be just as significant towards his or her development as the time spent within the classroom. The advisor role offers professionals opportunities to facilitate student development outside of the classroom. Often students will point to their experience in a student organization as the most meaningful experience in their college career. With that in mind, it is important to note that the role of the advisor is a very important one. Information or assistance of any kind is always available to faculty or staff members seeking more resources on advising.

CSU's proud history as an institution of higher education has always included co-curricular activities that provide opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills. Co-curricular activities provide students with opportunities to practice the theories they learn in classroom, but also to develop additional skills needed to enter the work force. The advisor is an integral part of every campus student organization. As a member of the faculty or staff of the university, the primary function of the advisor is to actively advise, counsel, and serve as a resource for the student organization.

The Advisor’s Handbook is designed to provide the advisor with concrete information on how to be a successful advisor. While advising an organization does require some additional time demands, the rewards gained by advising more than compensate for this.

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